3 things to love about Apple’s blowout Q214 earnings report

“As perhaps the most widely watched publicly traded company around, it’s hard for tech giant Apple to surprise anyone these days,” Andrew Tonner writes for The Motley Fool. “Case in point: A kind of general consensus seemed to have emerged heading into Apple’s quarterly earnings report, which it released yesterday after market close. For the most part, investors expected Apple to post modest results, almost dismissing the quarter as an understandably quiet interlude spanning the critical holiday quarter and its high-profile product launch schedule that will ramp up in the coming months. They were dead wrong.”

“Having had some time to digest them now, it’s impossible to deny that Apple simply shot the lights out in its fiscal second-quarter earnings, far exceeding what most thought Apple had in the tank,” Tonner writes. “Others have and will continue to break down the high-level storylines behind Apple’s home-run report. So instead, I’ll simply highlight three specific aspects about its second-quarter earnings that investors should love.”

1. iPhone defies skeptics
2. More buybacks, please
3. Apple could possibly enter the Dow

Tonner writes, “Across the board, this quarter was a resounding success for Apple. Heading into the second half of the year, I’m a firm believer that now is as good a time as any to consider adding Apple’s shares.”

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  1. A lot of Americans probably fail to realize that only 30% of Apple’s business comes from the US. The potential market for smart phones in the next few years is in the billions range. I’m glad that Angela Ahrendts, formerly CEO of Burberry, is starting next month at Apple since Apple only has 13 stores presently in greater China, whereas Burberry has approximately 70. Apple’s partnership with China Mobile, which is vigorously rolling out its 4G network now should be fruitful (no pun intended). This is especially true if Apple launches a new iPhone 6. Just in the US, tens of millions of iPhone 5 users have been locked into a 2 year contract set to expire this summer and ripe for an upgrade (especially since they can now sell their old iPhone 5’s back to Gazelle.com for $200.

    1. Your comment about people locked into 2 year contracts is silly. That’s been happening since the original iPhone. Nothing is different this year, except that the numbers are higher than last year simply because more and more people are (wisely) buying iPhones.

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