Passion, patience, and pressure: Steve Jobs could leverage intense pressure – can Tim Cook?

“Passion is cool and patience is good, but neither can produce innovative products again and again. Creative people need pressure to get things done — pressure to pry their hands from their creation and let it loose in the world. When? When it’s perfect enough,” Chris Maxcer writes for TechNewsWorld. “Few creative people ever feel they got it entirely right. Steve Jobs had the ability to leverage intense pressure. Does Tim Cook?”

“No one doubted Steve Jobs’ passion. You could see it in his eyes, in his posture, in his word choice and cadence,” Maxcer writes. “Never mind the behind-closed-doors raging tyrant of passion, Jobs had an intensity most anyone could recognize. And his dirty little secret? Jobs could take other people’s creativity, their creations, their passion, and add it to his own.”

“He seemed to be a super-human science fiction blob who grew more powerful by squeezing, shaping, and ultimately molding the narrative of a product into something he fully, seamlessly seemed to own. Effective? Heck yeah,” Maxcer writes. “Repeatable by an intensely ethical man of conscience? Probably not.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Soon, we shall see.


      1. Much sad commentary on humanity if this journalist and commenters are correct:
        I.E. humans can’t do well unless they are treated bad.
        I think this is outdated and old school thinking. Humans are capable of far more greatness when they are nice. It is the meanness that holds us back not being nice. I think it held Steve Jobs back, as they say “Karma is a bitch.”

        1. Yes! They are one and the same. Now, Steve would not have breathed a word about such. Tim is different, a little jumpier; his little smiles and grimaces conceal imperfectly his impatience with design & engineering who are holding off the grand release until the Steve tests are all passed. Tim wants the love just like anyone but knows he will not get it unless and until the Next Big Thing appears on stage with him and he can bathe in the applause of a beaming audience, and stun the punditry in the bargain.

    1. “Steve Stuff”… look you stupid fuck, here is history unrevised:

      • 1976 – Apple I
      • 1984 – The Macintosh
      • 1998 – iMac
      • 2001 – iPod
      • 2002 – OS X
      • 2007 – iPhone
      • 2010 – iPad

      You put all your meager brain cells together, Joe, and tell me what is in common with the above events?

  1. Like it or not, this article laws it out like it is. The passion is not something you can muster of fake. Either you have it or you don’t. And even if you do have it, there are only a few that can take it and wrangle it. People didn’t give Steve the benefit of the doubt, Steve demanded it. Steve put the pressure back on everyone else.

  2. Another loser who can’t swallow the fact that Tim Cook is kicking major butt!
    Take a hike Chris…. To start with… your philosophical premiss is bogus at best .

    1. Cook is responsible for Apple’s overall trajectory, which is doing very well so far. If you want to quibble with the iOS 7 look, you need to talk to Ive.

      In any case, iOS 7 is not “fucked up”. Ive confused “flat design” with “simplicity” and “clarity”, but once you figure out which text is a button and which is just a heading by trial and error the system works great.

    2. Zombie, you forgot one word in your post. Let me fix it for you…

      Cook is a fucked up passionless CEO with no pride in the quality of his work. How do you explain the fucked up iOS 7.
      Signed, Asshole.

  3. The “Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs” meme is getting older, dryer, and more stale by the day. I just want to run through the room holding my ears screaming, “Shut up, shut up, shut up!!!!”

  4. I think it can be done. Cook and Jony are a dynamic duo supported by a highly talented and focused team that are well tuned to take on new categories of product. Timing and perfecting collateral concepts are the only ingredients that need to be harnessed. Beyond this, Apple has created an exceptional product experience that has captured the hearts of consumers.

  5. As good as Tim Cook is, and as good as Steve Jobs is, nothing quite compares to the pressure that must build up inside an analysts or jouranalyst before they spew their crap out. I mean think about it, most people just expel crap out the one end, jouranalysts and analysts have it coming out both ends (along with Anustralians and many politicians of course). That’s a LOT of pressure.

    Neither Tim Cook nor Steve Jobs can leverage that sort of pressure. It’s pretty darn impossible when you have a measure of integrity.

    1. I rather think the Tim-is-not-Steve and Tim-is-gay cards are played by dandified, overmatched players in this game of business and of life. Accusers typically have little merit and conspicuous jealousy.

      The uproar is its own evidence. Tim, and Apple, are wildly successful. The rest, not so much.

        1. And he left Tim in place with the right direction and everything is flowing fine. Work alongside the man long enough and you can do as him. Do you know what Steve would have done had he not fallen ill ? Do you really?

          1. I don’t recall who took over the helm of Edison Electric after the founder’s death. They finally gave up looking for the new Walt at Anaheim. There can be only one Bobby Fischer.

            Historically speaking, your “and you can do as him” holds no validity.

      1. You bet, the arm chair coaches that have think the can steer the coach of the best team ever. So many people don’t realize how creative Apple because they have been put asleep at the wheel since childhood.

        No doubt one of the weakest area of the puritanical US is regarding sexual identity and tolerance. This is where they will get side swiped.

        Yup yup, sure everyone is used to the some sex marriages of heterosexuals, that’s the norm but it was tough to let go of those stork stories no doubt.

        Now we have same sex marriages and the US is still trying to grapple with that concept. Gosh who know how long they will drag their feet on that issue.

        Apple’s not going to take this lying down. One day Tim Cook just might come out of the closet with a girlfriend. OH MY GOSH TIM COOK IS BISEXUAL. Gee how many Americans will know how what that even is?

        How many Americans will be shocked to see on their media reports people protesting and demanding sum sex marriages in front of Whoreshington and lining up at the Apple store cause that’s where the bi’s hang out?

        The future is coming with Apple you can guarantee it will be disruptive…as it should be.

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