Tech giant Apple goes green with renewable energy

Apple is moving to shrink its carbon footprint, building the nation’s largest privately owned solar farm to run its data center.

NBC chief environmental correspondent Anne Thompson reports.

These solar panels help power billions of messages, hundreds of millions of photos, and millions of FaceTime chats every day. All that activity is processed through data centers. Rows of telecommunications equipment that are blue ribbon energy, using up to 2% of all the power in the country. Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of Environmental Initiatives, gave NBC a first look inside the core of Apple systems.

Direct link to video here.

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  1. This only shows us that Apple innovates in more ways than one. Not only do they make great consumer products, but they are also leading the way in renewable energy. More companies should do what Apple does. (And no, I DON’T mean slavishly copying them. Please take note, Samsung, Google et al.) This can only mean great things.

          1. A Pussy, really?

            Ft Benning and Ft Campbell did not think so. Commandant’s list at both Air Assault School and Leadership School (Infantry Center- Ft Benning).

            Been to the desert in summer and Norway in the Winter, Jungle School in Panama- and not on vacation.

            You speak of that which you do not know. 8 years honorable service.

            Hardly a pussy.

    1. U want us to believe that tea party conservatives are a horrible menace to the beautiful efficiency called D.C.? Oh, please! Stop the hate! Any more FUD and you could work for M$ !

      They are only trying to do what your entrenched and entitled politicians are NOT doing, fixing the Country.

      1. In my opinion, the existence of the Tea Party is simply a grassroots commitment to return the constitutional balance of power and accountability of government to the people, for whom it was written. A noble cause in 1776 and 2014.

  2. The ACC movement employ non–scientific language to provoke an emotional response in the lay person.

    One example: The concept of renewable energy, which they use ad infinitum ad nauseum, violates the first law of thermodynamics. Therefore, renewable energy does not exist, insofar as the first law of thermodynamics is legitimate. Yet, the ACC movement, politicos, greens, and other special interest groups persist in singing the siren song of “renewable energy” as though it truly exists. In perpetuating the myth of renewable energy, the ACC movement specifically, and the other mentioned groups in general, compromise their legitimacy, and they delegitimize their climate change conclusions and assertions.

    1. @Kurt
      Technically, you are correct, of course. The sun, which is the source of energy that sustains life on earth will fail us in several billion years as it runs out. Until then, it will provide a source of energy that in a practical sense will renew the energy extracted by humans to carry out work that we find useful.

    2. “climate change” is a bogus term too, since it should be (and used to be) “global warming”.

      Get over it. “Renewable energy” just means energy gotten (more directly) from the sun, instead of thousands/millions of years old dead animal and plant remains.

  3. All discussions of fuel sources reduce to one equation. Given a life cycle energy analysis of the fuel, how many units of energy are required to generate one unit of energy using the given fuel type. The answers are disturbing.

    For fad energy sources such as photovoltaic, wind turbine, biomass/biofuel, and geothermal the answer is “more than one”. In the case of photovoltaic it is nearly off the scale. Therefore, solar, wind, biomass/biofuel, and geothermal are not sustainable energy sources. That they even exist is singularly dependent on other sustainable energy sources.

    For carbon based energy sources the answer is much less than one. Therefore, defying all green logic, carbon derived energy sources are sustainable.

    For nuclear based energy sources the answer is that the energy cost to produce a single unit of energy is an infinitesimally small fraction of one unit of energy. In fact, the mass specific energy yield for atomic fission is six orders of magnitude greater than it is for chemical reactions. For atomic fusion, it is even greater. Furthermore, fusionable deuterium and tritium exist in sufficient abundance in the oceans to last humanity millions of years. The extraction and refining costs in both energy and fiscal metrics are orders of magnitude less than for any chemical fuel. Finally, nuclear fusion produces minuscule amounts of emissions per unit of energy generated compared to chemical reactions, making it nearly pollution free. Energy conversion through magneto plasma dynamics yields nearly no waste thermal emissions.

    The ACC intelligentsia knows this. Al Gore may or may not know this. He is not a scientist, and he does not care. Since the ACC intelligentsia is fully cognizant of the fact that the fad energy sources are not sustainable, and since they advocate the complete abolition of carbon based energy sources which are sustainable, and since they are complicitly silent on atomic energy (especially fusion), I logically conclude that the ACC movement has an unpublished strategic objective of reverting all of humanity to a pre–industrial agrarian–socialist utopia lifestyle. The absence of distributable energy translates into the cessation of all electricity production on the planet. Our society and standard of living will collapse without hot and cold running water, central heating, mechanized transportation, food distribution, construction materials, mass produced articles like clothing and home utensils, hospitals, schools, et cetera.

    Therefore, the ACC movement’s dogma is fueled by an collectivist ideology of control. This is not science. This is ideology masquerading as science.

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