Apple’s OS X 10.10 Syrah for Mac likely to tout iOS 7’s ‘flat’ look

“iOS 7 was a gigantic leap in the mobile OS’s look and feel, which made for a real love it or hate it feeling amongst Apple fans,” Brian Meyer writes for Apple Gazette. “With OS X 10.9 Mavericks the flat look as started to sneak in little by little and doing away with the skeuomorphic items from previous iterations of the operating system.”

“Once you start using iOS 7 you begin to notice a pretty big difference between how it and OS X Mavericks looks. Jony Ive took charge of iOS 7’s design and the simplicity of it is easy to see. Gone are the gradients and shadows and in are the flat, stacked views,” Meyer writes. “So why didn’t Ive make Mavericks match it? Well the most likely cause is that doing one complete redesign and relaunch per year is just about all any company can handle, even Apple.”

“The big change will most likely be seen in OS X 10.10 Syrah, after iOS has had some time to work its bugs out and the smaller design changes take place,” Meyer writes. “OS X 10.10 Syrah is expected to be released sometime in the fall of 2014.”

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  1. I wish I could make guesses on unreleased products and have it published as an editorial and get paid.
    “I think OS 10.10 will be different from 10.9, ok now pay me and redirect people to my link”

    1. 1. Start a “tech consulting group” named after yourself, e.g. The Enderle Group…well, there were two of them, but a pet with a human first name will suffice for a partner in your group.

      2. start a blog. This one is not necessary, but will surely get the attention of other tech blogs: Have your friends send you (that way, you can honestly say from “a trusted source”) poorly shot/photoshopped pictures of deconstructed Apple products and call it a new component of “iPhone 6”.

      4. make money

    1. I rarely call the osx by the “name” it’s always 10.x

      As for the look of ios 7 in osx.. I may be sticking with 10.9 now.
      iOS 7 isn’t bad, a few things that still bug me but I do not want it on my desktop.

        1. Marketing, exactly. My mom pointed out some things with 7 that with her eyesight.. Was real hard for her to see. iOS 6 and previous versions were fine. 7.1 she hates mainly due to it was draining her battery real bad and I couldn’t help her over the phone for over a week.
          It’s fixed now.. But she’s still mad.

          For me 7.1 got a large speed increase, and the calendar is much better. Not perfect, but better.

    2. A little farther north. Mavericks is in Northern California, south of SF. I have no idea if many wines are produced in SD, but certainly when I think about California and wine, I think about Sonoma and Napa, which are about 75 miles north of Mavericks.

      I think if it were SD, it would be named after an IPA, since that city seems to be craft beer central, with a focus on IPAs.

  2. Oh Great! Another OS in around a year’s time! I wonder if this version will be like every one since Snow Leopard, with more problems than the last! Hell! Mavericks can’t even get one of the Macs simplest and long established utilities to work: Disk Utility! The third parties developers will be jumping for joy again: More time re-writing code! And just think: More and more Macs left by the way-side: Get out those wallets so you can buy yet another new Mac! Wait is this Apple? Sounds like an enemy for the past: I guess it’s true the imitation is the truest form of flattery! Ole Timmy Boy is making Microsoft proud! Wonder when he’d get his head out of his iPhone?

    1. My mid-2007 iMac is running OS X Mavericks wonderfully. Having a seven year old system running the most recent operating system is quite hard to complain about, personally. The value and continued functionality of a system this old tells me that customer satisfaction is still a high priority at Apple. They don’t put artificial barriers up for upgrading older systems, and I appreciate that greatly.

  3. Yeah iOS 7 was a giant leap alright. I giant leap backwards… If I were a teeny bopper or a tween then sure the bright fisher price colors on white backgrounds are great. But I’m not, and therefore it’s not. Please don’t screw OS X like this as well… If this happens then I’m just going back to Linux and be done with it. iOS 7 to Apple is like Windows 8 to Microsoft. Too cutesy when all we want to do is get work done and get it done more efficiently.

    1. ???!!!

      You must be talking about something else, and not iOS 7. We can all argue and complain about iOS7, but cutesy? Fisher-Price?? If anything, pre-iOS7 were all cutesy, with their 3D stitching, buttons, shadows, glowing reflection… Some people may not like the iOS 7, but with simple and flat features, it projects no-nonsense, business appearance that previous iOSes never could.

      It may all be a matter of personal taste, but judging by the adoption rate of iOS 7, it is clear that even the most stubborn hold-outs seem to be accepting it.

      1. You’re speaking into a vacuum. People feel entitled to their prejudices and express them wherever they can get away with it. The root origin of bullying is a clan instinct that is only barely suppressed by society’s rules. Their protection from censure lies in safety in numbers, and barring that, appeals to free speech, even though that principle was enshrined in law to protect civil and religious divergence, not any damn thing you happen to feel like saying.

        1. Sorry—didn’t mean to drop that on you, but into a different thread where politically-correct emoji excited too much righteous indignation and cruel humour. I think I’ll leave that issue alone.

          As for criticism of iOS 7, don’t you think it’s just the latest point of assault on Apple, not just for trolls but for the energy vampires that deliberately exhaust us whilst they exuberantly bolster their contrarian vitality? This was a major theme of the philosopher Colin Wilson.

  4. Please no. Just, no.
    I’ve got my wife’s old iPhone 4 sitting here. It’s charging and even the battery icon is beautiful with shading, translucency, and a soft glow. Just a work of art.
    Next to it is my 5. It shows a flat green rectangle that my 10 yo son could have ‘designed’.
    You people that say you ‘love’ iOS 7; How is this an improvement??? Yes, some functionality is improved but overall it’s a net loss for usability. The UI is almost ‘android’ levels of bad.

    Now I’m dealing with the prospect of having to stare at that dire bleakness on a huge 27″ screen?
    I feel like throwing up.

    1. Well, for me, it is dramatically the opposite. I have this iPhone 5 with iOS 7, with its beautiful clean lines, simple solid colours, UI elements completely discrete and out of the way, which lets me do the things I need done without any distractions. When I take my brother’s 4 with iOS 6, it looks positively archaic. Everything is needlessly distracting on a subconscious level; buttons with shading, reflection, faux 3D effects, beveling and embossing, all looking like a throwback to a time when women were housewives and men smoked cigars… When I have to do something on that iOS 6, it becomes an exercise in frustration; my iPhone 5 is positively nirvana after 10 minutes on that iPhone 4.

      As I said before, it’s all a matter of personal taste. Although there may be an element of resistance to change.

      1. I bought the first Bondi blue iMac. Then the ‘sunflower’. Then the black back 20″ and now the 27 incher.
        How am I resistant to change!?!
        Change is awesome, done right. Such as the Mac Pro.

        It’s like moving house. Cool, the new fridge has an ice dispenser, and the thermostat talks, but the freakin walls are painted baby blue and the carpet is dirty orange. Problem is, the landlord won’t let me remodel.

        While you may approve of the aesthetics of iOS 7 I have to disagree on functionality. Some things are better, yes, but generally it’s dreadful. App icons are harder to distinguish, text harder to read, UI elements harder to hit first time…. Go ahead, tell me the Calendar or Voice Memos apps are an improvement. I dare you.

        Oh, and when men still smoked cigars and women were housewives we didn’t have Miley Cyrus or AIDS or schools shootings. Change *should* move things forwards, not backwards.

        1. “App icons are harder to distinguish, text harder to read, UI elements harder to hit first time…. Go ahead, tell me the Calendar or Voice Memos apps are an improvement.”
          Or the inconsistency between apps as far as where controls are located, and inconsistency of the order of operations.

          Third party apps do a better job on that. Apple is the one stuck on the blinding white low contrast objects look. Hopefully that design fad will go away soon.

  5. There is a method to their madness. As Apple continues to dumb down their premium hardware, with crapy built in Intel Video in even the premium 15″ MacBook Pro they need to dumb down the graphics in the OS so that the system speed does not slow down as much.

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