Next-gen Mac: A flat OS X 10.10 will look like this

“OS X 10.10 will likely gain a much flatter look, much like iOS 7, but it will still have an interface optimized for mouse and keyboard,” Lou Miranda blogs.

“Now, there is a possibility Apple may make the click targets larger (i.e., make buttons, pop-up menus, etc. taller) in order to support hybrid devices (laptops with touch screens, tablets with keyboards), but it’s a pretty fair guess that all the control complexity in OS X (that’s missing in iOS) will remain,” Miranda writes. “OK, so no major functionality changes, just appearance changes. But what exactly will the appearance be? Well, if you’re an iOS or OS X developer, the changes have been staring you in the face for a year. ”

“That’s because when Apple debuted Xcode 5 at last year’s WWDC, it came with a much flatter UI,” Miranda writes. “The screenshots [below] (Xcode 4 on the left; Xcode 5 on the right) show how some–but not all–features have been flattened by removing drop shadows, gradients, and borders.”

Apple's Xcode 4 (left); Xcode 5 (right) (screenshots via Lou Miranda)
Apple’s Xcode 4 (left); Xcode 5 (right)
(screenshots via Lou Miranda)

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    1. The bottom circled items, though, indicate the selected vs. unselected objects. The fact that you missed that makes the flattening a fail. I’m okay with circled lines 1 and 3, but don’t like 2 or 4. 4 for the reason discussed here, and 2 because that VIEW line *needs* to stand out more – the triangle will help, but not enough imo.

  1. I used to think Apple was the epitome of style and elegance with well designed software to match. Now they seem to be going rapidly downhill with the hideous iOS 7 that reminds me of my flat green bathroom tiles when I’m standing in front of the toilet whizzing away at 3am. Ive seems to have drained all style from iOS 7 presenting us with illegible hard to read text and fonts and a 2-D style format that ruins productivity. I think Ive is designing iOS 7 for the teen demographic who are more intent on playing Angry Birds than doing real work in the field on their iPhone.

    OS X must stay the way it is and not be infected with the juvenile looking iOS 7 icons that are better suited to a kindergarten than a boardroom. iOS 7 looks like it was designed by a class full of 5-year old kids supervised by Rasputin the Mad Monk.

    1. remember away back when… when 0sX and the aqua interface arrived ? and it just kept getting better, bit by bit ?

      and now ? god’s holy trousers, what the heck is going on?

      oh how i love my snow leopard.

      if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  2. Ive is driving me sick!
    The icons one the left are thousands better looking then this poor flats!!!!
    Ive (excuse-me “Sir” Ive), please give up! It’s not because You’ve been hating Forstall that You need to sacrifice nice bumped and shadowed objects!

  3. With all the time and energy spent in developing 3D software and hardware accelerations for GUI’s just to toss them out over a FAD…that is silly. I have been programming Xcode since it was called Rhapsody. IMHO, humans live in a 3D world. We are geared to interact with 3D objects and people. I do believe that Apple’s, Asian inspired, “less is more” philosophy to GUI’s is great. But the 3D should stay.

    1. The flatness in the icons I can handle (to a point) — some of the icons in the picture ARE easier to see in Xc5 — but getting rid of shadows and cues that that differentiate the major, unrelated items and different function sections of items is just dumb. And buttons not looking like buttons? Ugh.

  4. Been using Xcode5 for some time now, and feel it’s an improvement, appearance-wise and in many other ways, over previous versions. When I see its icons, ‘flat’ isn’t a word that comes to mind. Overall it’s just easier on the eye.

    What I’d like to see is icons that match between same or similar apps on MacOS X and iOS.

  5. Whining over design. Sheesh! They’re not designing for you old farts anyway, just the younger generation who have a voracious appetite to spend their ill-gotten pesos on the latest fad.

  6. I feel so sorry for the complainers here with their third world problems. I hope you all survive this devastating development.

    and have a great day.

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