Mac OS X 10.10: Will your Mac be able to run it?

“This years WWDC should see an announcement regarding the next version of Mac OS X, but will you be able to run it?” Simon Royal writes for Low End Mac.

“OS X 10.10 is rumoured to be called Syrah, a type of red grape grown in specific regions, one of which is in California,” Royal writes. “However, even the numbering scheme is debated. Will they jump to 10.10, which seems the most obvious choice? … the numbering seemed to have fallen by the wayside in favour of the naming scheme, so perhaps they could drop numbering altogether. On a side note, with Mountain Lion, Apple silently dropped the Mac from Mac OS X, simply calling it OS X.”

OS X 10.10 could require an i5, 4GB DDR3 RAM and 512MB video RAM, which means these machines would be the minimum to support it:
• iMac, Late 2009
• Mac mini, Late 2012
• MacBook Air, Mid 2012
• MacBook Pro, Mid 2010
• 2009 Mac Pro

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    1. thnks Zeke, for your levelheaded, very clear, precise, and to the point response, no matter how long-winded,,,,,, i agree


      I promise, if you can’t run the latest and greatest, it will still be far better than the alternative operating system, and i have a very old mini running mavericks that the pun-tits SAID not say would be upgradable. So THERE!!!

      (nya-nya-n-nya-nya to those blabberheads who “know” what system is upgradable at this early stage, pants are on fire)

  1. The name will not be Syrah, as it is not California enough, not nearly. Even Zinfandel would not do, as that species of grape has been traced back to Croatia.

    Syrah is also a location — but in Iran (Shiraz). Not even close to Stinson Beach.

    The origin of this rumour is easy to imagine: on the label of the bottle that was being drained whilst a bunch of tipsy technophiles sat around making stuff up for this article.

    1. Yes Stinson Beach,,, nothing could be closer to my heart for a new OS name. I grew up in Mill Valley “over the hill” and was at Stinson Beach for the better part of my high school (actually the BEST part !-)
      I won’t tell you doing what, but grades were not my bent at the time…..
      As to sipping a bottle of syrah and making stuff up, I must say that Stinson Beach is a wonderful place to do so (from experience). So I hope they are at Stinson Beach coming up with a much better name than Syrah
      How about Mt Tam, Birth Home of mountain biking? (had plenty of opportunities, since “the mountain” was between me and my other home, and only had a bike)
      I learned to drill out my rims and hubs and put in motorcycle spokes in necessity of the “bad” fire roads and trails (now considered Holy)
      Memories flood, sorry for the deluge

        1. Way fun, yes, As it was to listen to me as i did on the beach, drinking syrah and imagining the botched pronunciation of that ancient indian woman’s name… by explorers, and ultimately by exploiters, who wanted to all but wipe out the natives.
          We will never know how it was meant to be pronounced in their native tongue, but i have probably hit on it in a rambling moment after hours, and after…. syrah?

        2. Rambling, intellectual speculation, emotional bonding: transcendental, life-altering encounters. At certain times, and at certain places, and in certain company, as you have so felicitously reminded me. 🙂

        1. My favorite contemporary writer…

          Hunter S. Thompson:

          California, Labor Day weekend… early, with ocean fog still in the streets, outlaw motorcyclists wearing chains, shades and greasy Levi’s roll out from damp garages, all-night diners and cast-off one-night pads in Frisco, Hollywood, Berdoo and East Oakland, heading for the Monterey peninsula, north of Big Sur… The Menace is loose again, the Hell’s Angels, the hundred-carat headline, running fast and loud on the early morning freeway, low in the saddle, nobody smiles, jamming crazy through traffic and ninety miles an hour down the center stripe, missing by inches… like Genghis Khan on an iron horse, a monster steed with a fiery anus, flat out through the eye of a beer can and up your daughter’s leg with no quarter asked and none given; show the squares some class, give em a whiff of those kicks they’ll never know…
          — Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

          “Well,” I said. “All this white stuff on my sleeve is LSD.” He said nothing: Merely grabbed my arm and began sucking on it. A very gross tableau. I wondered what would happen if some Kingston Trio/young stockbroker type might wander in and catch us in the act. Fuck him, I thought. With a bit of luck, it’ll ruin his life – forever thinking that just behind some narrow door in all his favorite bars, men in red Pendleton shirts are getting incredible kicks from things he’ll never know.
          — Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream

          HST ironically now provides his own stream of nostalgia for us.

  2. This is ridiculous! I just a bought my Mac mini i5 Radeon 6630 HD on mid 2012 and my Mac is only about 2 years old and it can’t run the new Mac OS X 10.10? And my mac still has AppleCare. Please let my Mac mini to be able to run the new OS. This is a recent machine and it shouldn’t be obsolete so fast!

  3. Apple only drops OS support for devices when there’s some significant architectural requirement that isn’t supported by the older hardware and is not upgradeable, i.e. things such as CPU, GPU, etc.

  4. What would cause it to require half a gig of vram?

    To me that would suggest a great deal of multi-dimensional elements to the interface.

    I’d like to see Apple marry the visual designs of iOS and OS X together, further simplify the user interface options (but not to worry, with a quick set of advanced features easily switched on in System Preferences) and to enable airdrop between iOS and OS X.

    Basically, I want to see Apple bring the ecosystem together even tighter than before — but I also want to see features remain even if not by default. Call it “pro mode” or something.

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