Apple’s CarPlay will have a huge long-term payoff

“At first, it might appear that Apple’s move into the auto industry is a modest adventure. After all, there are only 15 million new cars sold all over the world each year, and CarPlay will be on only a portion of those. In addition, it’s easy to get distracted by concerns about Siri’s robustness combined with concerns about driver focus and safety,” John Martellaro writes for TheStreet.

“History has shown that the early diagnosis of a new technology is almost always off the mark in the long run. That’s because observers tend to cast a new technology in the perspective of old thinking,” Martellaro writes. “Harder still is the challenge to put the long-term strategic consequences into perspective. For example, it’s all too easy to think in a simplistic way about device handling in the car. At first we had an iPhone in our hands or stuck on the dash. With CarPlay, there is better integration, but not in an earthshaking manner. So CarPlay may seem like a yawner. It’s not the startling new innovation, virtual magic, that some have been clamoring for.”

“Innovation isn’t always a surprising new technology. Sometimes, innovation is the incremental extension of current technology in news ways,” Martellaro writes. “Moreover, placing Apple technologies like Siri and Maps in front of average users is going to provide mission-critical feedback that will drive the technologies to the next level of refinement.”

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  1. The biggest thing CarPlay does is it stops people from looking down at their phones. It is difficult to look away from the road, focus on a close-up, small screen, process the data, and not drive their car into the next lane.

    CarPlay gives people the functions they want when driving placed on a much larger screen and farther away than reading distance. It also adds multiple input capabilities, depending on the automaker’s implementation, including Siri.

  2. They need to get their stuff into the higher end cars. Civics and Fits are not going to sell to iPhone 5S owners. Mercedes C class as well. My golf buddy just bought a Tesla. Have you looked at the Tesla 17″ screen. Just beautiful. Google’s Maps w Street View is awesome there. I really hope Apple has a shot at that screen as well, it is an absolute sin that Tesla and Audi have gone with droid.

    1. Wow, you are such a pompous ass. I kinda doubt if more iPhone owners drive a Tesla over a Honda. Of course I’m sure you drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.

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