“In the very last minute of its earnings call question and answer session with analysts, Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook addressed “iOS in the Car,” the company’s strategy for automotive, calling it ‘very, very important’ and a ‘key focus for us,’ Daniel Eran Dilger writes for Apple Insider.

“Asked by Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt if iOS in the Car was a ‘licensing opportunity’ or what the ‘strategic relevance’ of it might be, Cook answered, ‘I see it as very important,'” Dilger writes. “Cook explained, ‘It is a part of the ecosystem. And so just like the App Store is a key part of the ecosystem, and iTunes and all of our content is key, and the services we provide from messaging to Siri and so forth, having something in the automobile is very very important. It’s something that people want. And I think that Apple can do this in a unique way, and better than anyone else. And so it’s a key focus for us.'”

Dilger writes, “That’s certainly a stronger endorsement than Cook’s recent descriptions of the state of Apple TV, which have morphed from a ‘hobby’ to being ‘a string we keep pulling to see where it takes us.'”

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