Samsung pays big bucks for Oscars product placement, but Twitter and an Apple iPhone steal show

“Samsung spent big bucks to advertise during the 86th annual Academy Awards and to get host Ellen DeGeneres to take some high-profile selfies with a Samsung smartphone during the Oscars broadcast,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “But it was social media company Twitter (TWTR) that stole the show on Sunday.”

“In one stunt, DeGeneres took a self portrait with a pack of A-list stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts,” Seitz reports. “Her stated goal was to produce the most retweeted photo ever on Twitter. It worked. As of noon Eastern time Monday, the snapshot had been retweeted more than 2.7 million times… The Oscars photo showed “the power of Twitter as the perfect companion to TV,” Twitter said in a blog post. More than 14.7 million Oscar-related tweets were sent worldwide during the three-and-a-half hour telecast, Twitter said”

“Several times during the broadcast, DeGeneres referred to Twitter and its use of hashtag trending topics. She took a blurry selfie from the stage with the hashtags #Oscars, #blessed and #blurry,” Seitz reports. “The blurry photo certainly didn’t help Samsung. In fact, the three photos that DeGeneres took with the Samsung smartphone on stage and in the audience Sunday night all suffered from blur. Maybe that’s why DeGeneres switched to an Apple iPhone for backstage shots…”

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“Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNN. Several other photos DeGeneres posted were sent using an Android device, most likely the Samsung phone she used to pose with Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt and a handful of other A-list stars,” Mat Smith reports for CNN. “A similar faux pas occurred in 2012, when after weeks of talking up Microsoft’s Surface tablet, talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey sent a Twitter message touting the product to her 14.8 million followers. However, Winfrey — or whoever managed her Twitter account — sent the tweet from an iPad.”

Smith reports, “And singer Alicia Keys claimed she was hacked after she was caught tweeting from an iPhone last year while serving as a “creative director” for BlackBerry.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Smirk.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacPatty” for the heads up.]

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  1. When you want to be a whore for a Korean company that steals American ingenuity and earned patents, you shill for Samsung. When you want to get real work done and take decent pictures, your choice is obvious. Everyone knows that iPhone is way better, Apple does not need to pay big dollars to get that information out, people already know.

  2. It’s not Ellen’s fault. She was handed a phone, and told, take pictures with this, as part of the add campaign. Then she used per personal phone off stage. So what… Companies like to pretend that the Stars that advertise for them, use their stuff, which is far from the truth. They are just getting paid, to do a job.

  3. True that iPhones are by far the most popular among the Hollywood set, but the sad fact is zillions of people watching the Oscars got a load of Samsung thrown in their face. Apple could had easily done this, but it does not seem to be in their DNA.

    1. From everything I’m reading, this was ALL about Twitter advertising. Whatever phone Ellen was using was using had nothing to do with it. Apple got FREE positive exposure. Samsung got FREE negative exposure. The same thing happens IRL every single day. Crap is crap. Quality is quality.

      BTW: The ACTUAL ‘CupertinoJoe’ knows how to spell Cupertino. Maybe you should learn before you again attempt to zombie has nick, idiot.

      1. ‘Zombie his nick’ you meant. Good catch from the Troll Trampler Supreme. And the actual CupertinoJoe has better grammar. Samsung is wasting their money with this new crop of ringers.

        1. Good catch, dear goddess. Thank you. I’m a bit burned out at the moment, having just got back from giving a talk about the Target et al. account hacking scandal. Watch out or I’ll ask you to edit all my writing. 😉

  4. note to samsung@hunglo …formula for respect: get integrity.

    bonus: regardless if samsung merchandise unsuccessful, integrity product still compatible with self-esteem.

  5. If Apple won’t expend the necessary resources, effort and money to advertise its wares, then it can only stand by the sidelines and weep while other more nimble companies take the spotlight away from them.

    No point gnashing their teeth and whining if they can’t be bothered to spend advertising dollars to promote their products. It’s not that they cannot afford to, it’s more like Apple has lost the cool edge that it had under Steve Jobs and has transformed itself into another stodgy IBM clone.

    Seeing that Cook comes from a Compaq background, it’s unsurprising that bureaucratic sclerosis has taken over.

    1. “No point gnashing their teeth and whining if they can’t be bothered to spend advertising dollars to promote their products. It’s not that they cannot afford to, it’s more like Apple has lost the cool edge that it had under Steve Jobs and has transformed itself into another stodgy IBM clone.”

      I read that article and I didn’t see anything to do with Apple “gnashing their teeth and whining.”

      Can you point out where it said that?

    2. Why did you take even the small amount of time to type that?

      If you’re being paid – wow, you’re sure ripping off your employer.
      If you’re not being paid, surely you know that the vast majority of people reading your post think that it is uninformed nonsense?

    3. Obviously, you did not watch the Oscars because there was a well placed Apple iPad Air commercial that put the Samdung ads and product placement to shame. And there was no gnashing of teeth or whining. It must have been on your part because your analog TV couldn’t get the signal there in North Korea.

    4. Hey dickhead pet troll of the month anonymous coward ‘Trevor Philips Industries’:

      Samsung didn’t “expend the necessary resources’ either, did they? If Samsung had, do you think Ellen would have changed to an iPhone to tweet here backstage selfies? Of course not.

      IOW: You’re incredibly stupid. What’s shameful is that you’re the best troll ScamScum is willing to pay for. So, who’s the real cheap ass company? 😯

  6. It’s always fun, fun, fun to see all the Samsung bashing going on here but the hated copier is eating Apple’s lunch day in and day out. The Koreans may deserve all the trashing they get in these parts but hammering away at them isn’t putting a single sale in Apple’s hands. No, it seems that Tim Cook’s declaration that he doesn’t care how many gadgets Apple sells and AAPL holders shouldn’t care because they don’t matter. Saving the planet from the hoax perpetrated by that fool on Apple’s board is such a poor excuse for the rational practice of Capitalism.

      1. Jay usually makes more sense than that, but this is a jumble of different ideas. The name isn’t capitalised so I suspect a troll is impersonating him, riffing on his Cook fixation and getting it wrong.

    1. what would you do, jay. apple’s work has genius written all over it. they’ve got great marketing. should they resort to thievery and just market, market, market till the courts say stop, at which time, the harm to competitors who may actually have integrity would be done ..fait accompli.

      others, here, have a load more insight than do i. bash, i do ..mostly cause i’m a stupid girl ..cause i got no vision ..i just consume.

      if you were at the helm, what, differently, would you have done. you wouldn’t walk across the korean border and kick ass, would you? samsung and google and microsoft have all accomplished some very crooked and dirty master plans. apple IS different. their rules are different. their landscape is different because they’re driven by real vision. besides being more genuinely inventive or devising more clever and strategic endeavors what would you have them do.

    2. Who cares when they’re making all the money.
      Or are you too dumb to understand the bit about profit vs. market share?
      You really can’t grasp the fact that all these sales of Samsung’s that Apple are supposed to be terrified of are mostly cheap, plastic feature phones at the bottom of the food chain.
      Who gives a shit whether Samsung sell a billion phones a year when Apple make twice as much profit on half the number of devices.
      A wise man once taught me, it’s quality, not quantity, that counts; something that dipshits like you, Jay, and that self-promoting jackass Trevor Something-or-other don’t seem capable of understanding.

    3. Dear Jay Morrison:

      What on Earth would you do without Apple? Imagine what Samsung would be selling right now if not for them ripping off Apple.

      Worshiping parasitic ripoff con-job technology doesn’t make any sense, does it. I.E. you don’t make sense.

      Samsung, do try harder with your trolling. Trampling your minions is too easy. 😛

  7. I can personally attest to the blurry photo production of Samsung’s phones. A few months ago, my brother-in-law snapped some photos on his new Samsung during a family gathering.

    When I received the photos I just could not believe the poor quality of the photos.

    So I quickly snapped some photos on my iPhone just to make sure this event would not go to waste.

  8. When I received the photos I just could not believe the poor quality of the photos.

    But the mega pixels, the mega pixels! Samsung has more mega pixels!

  9. She took a blurry selfie from the stage with the hashtags #Oscars, #blessed and #blurry,” Seitz reports. “The blurry photo certainly didn’t help Samsung.

    ‘You can’t stop stupid.’
    ‘Buy cheap, get cheap.’
    ‘You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.’
    “Penny wise, pound foolish.”
    “As long as people will accept crap, it will be financially profitable to dispense it.”

  10. Maybe Apple should have placed their name on the old Kodak Theater to be the Apple Theater in Hollywood CA instead of Dolby. This type of product placement tricks would not be allowed by corporate patent thieves.

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