Aaron Pressman: Apple’s iPhone 6 could really hurt all of these very derivative Android phones

“The Mobile Word Congress (MWC) wraps up in Barcelona today and the conventional wisdom is the confab was great for Google and not so good for Apple,” Aaron Task reports for Yahoo Finance. “But the conventional wisdom is often wrong and Yahoo Finance’s Aaron Pressman thinks 2014 is shaping up to be a good year for Apple, citing ‘very low expectations and a big opportunity to innovate.'”

“Pressman even found some positives for Apple amid all the ‘mindshare’ Android captured at MWC,” Task reports. “‘Samsung’s new galaxy S5 is just a complete and total ripoff of what Apple did six months ago with the iPhone 5S,’ he says, citing the fingerprint reader and gold color as prime examples. ‘And the fingerprint reader is reportedly much less easy to use than Apple’s. There’s a possibility all this copying and aping of Apple bounces back not well for Samsung and the overall Android ecosystem.'”

Task reports, “The real opportunity for Apple, he says, will come around the expected launch of iPhone 6 later this year. ‘There’s real danger these Android phones that are very derivative and not exciting get left in the dust in a couple of months if there’s an iPhone which really has some Apple innovation in it.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: A plastic, 32-bit “flagship” that cannot even compete with the iPhone 4S, introduced by Apple in October 2011, much less an iPhone 5s? Seriously, Samsung? You should go back to trying to directly ape everything about Apple’s iPhone: You’d have much better products and, God knows, the “justice system” will never catch up with you.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “neutrino23” for the heads up.]

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  1. The Samsung Galaxy 5, the premier Android flagship by the premier Android phone company is a yawner of a device. It seems with little to no more competition for Samsung on the Android side,they are just going through the motions.
    This type of complacency is the death knell of any business, I highly doubt the word “complacency” will be thrown around at the iPhone 6. I have a big feeling the iPhone 6 is going to beat all sales expectations for Apple.

      1. Agree; not feasible since you would have to have incredible adhesion of sapphire to aluminium, for this to work out.

        This can not be done for various reasons, including different reaction of those materials to temperature.

        The only way Al2O3 can stick to aluminium is when it is grown right on the metal itself, as in anodized aluminium in iPhones 5/5s. Clusters of crystal are formed, not cover of uniformity, so it is less scratch resistant that solid sapphire.

      1. Sapphire could cover the antenna was what I was thinking, but I guess that wouldn’t work because (at least as far as we know, it can’t be fused to metal easily, based on the post above.

  2. After using an iPhone since launch date in 2007, I’m leaving this comment with my Note 3. While not a huge fan of Android, I’m ready for a bigger screen, NFC, and other features Apple is still waiting to introduce. When you leave a comment I’ll be notified on my Galaxy smart watch. Let the flaming commence.

    1. Apple will never introduce NFC, because since very beginning Jobs meant to use (then) prospect Bluetooth 4/LE. It can do the same, but at 15 meters versus 5-10 cm, and much faster.

      (Close proximity as security feature turned out to be stupid since there were a lot of security holes uncovered in NFC anyway; besides you can do telebank transactions via cellular networks which have range of hundreds of meters perfectly safe. When you will have Bluetooth 4/LE payment system, you to not need to “kiss” the stupid NFC sensor.)

      Galaxy watch is a joke, according to all reviews.

      Apple will release bigger phone, but it is going to be separate parallel model, not “iPhone 6”. So if you want two-hand-controlled phone, you will get it.

    2. If that’s what floats your boat, anonymous MDN poster Dean Waterman, then fine. I can understand your desire for a bigger display – a fair number of people would like something larger than 4″. Your desire for NFC seems a bit strange to me. I am not aware of any “killer” NFC applications in the real world. But maybe you have a niche application of NFC that really makes you happy. Your comment about the Galaxy smart watch (Gear) is very surprising, since it has been pretty much universally panned. Of course, you have one of the two Samsung phone models that actually interface with the Galaxy Gear, so it is possible that you might actually find value in that $300 wrist uglifier. But it began seeming more likely that you had just left the “/s” off of the end of your post.

      I won’t flame you for going Android if you have good reasons and don’t behave like a boorish troll on this forum. But it really sounds like you skipped out on the best (iPhone) for a larger display and a couple of dubious “advantages.” As my parents used to say, “It takes all kinds of people.”

      1. ” you have one of the two Samsung phone models that actually interface with the Galaxy Gear, so it is possible that you might actually find value in that $300 wrist uglifier” actually i know someone who owns one, and they really seem to enjoy it and it looks quite nice. And the Galaxy S III, S 4, Note II and Note 3 all work with the Gear, the 4 phones that most of their sales come from…

        1. Funny isn’t it when Apple was apparently launching such a watch everyone (Samdroids in particular) claimed what possible use could it have and derided the whole idea, yet here we are as a very limited bulky and unimaginative device from Samsung suddenly ‘is really nice’. That said the new ones do at least look much better.

          As for the flame wary poster there is little to add as others have noted the dead end nature of NFC and that some indeed do want a bigger screen phone and that should have been foreseen. However these other apparent ‘must have’ features that the iPhone doesn’t have are not noted which to me means that they are of little practical use if deemed even less important than NFC. So a challenge to you Dean, lets have these features spelled out so we ‘flamers’ can judge their relative importance & effectiveness or otherwise. Otherwise the comment is pointless FUD. Hope your watch can handle all that info by the way.

    3. Even Android supporters who review tech in the UK say the Galaxy watch is rubbish.
      I’ll bet you can clear a bar in seconds when you start waving your plastic toys around.

    4. Farm from being anonymous, I actually use my real name, and have posted often over the past few years. I am an avid Apple user, have been since 1982 when I first got my hands on the Apple II+. I know it’s a great world we live in when we can choose what we want, without belittling others for what they like. I still like Apple, but I am ready for other features and tired of waiting for Apple to release them every year, still behind what others do.

      True you may not like NFC, but there are some things I find it quite useful for around my house; one being my Sony Bluetooth Speaker. It is handy, although I won’t use it much.

      The Galaxy Gear Watch isn’t bad, and for what I need it for, is quite useful and practical. I am not sure why most reviewers trashed it, for it does a few things well. I know the next one will be an improvement.

      I will most likely be back with Apple, but I must say I don’t use my iPad Mini much at all anymore since I have the Note 3, and can easily ready without straining my eyes or holding my iPhone 5s to my face so I can see better.

      1. I sympathize with wanting a larger screen. The problem with going over 4″ is that the resulting screen isn’t large enough for me. Hence the reason I prefer the full-sized iPad. In fact if it came in 13″ I would buy that.

        Now if I lived in a climate that required a coat or jacket most days I would totally go for a tween device in the 6″ to 8″ category.

        I found the Galaxy Gear watch too thick to wear comfortably, but if a wearable fit into the volume of my current watch or less I would consider it seriously if only to have time and weather on my wrist.

      2. Doesn’t exactly sound like you are expressing the wow factor here. Lets hear about the other features that so impress you so we can make an honest judgement otherwise it tends to sound simply like this is more a matter of geeky feature love for the sake of it, something I personally don’t want on my devices as they tend to destroy the user experience with useless distraction, complexity and bulk and why I tend to prefer Apple devices for their simplicity and feature set you actually need and use rather than throwing stuff in and seeing what sticks.

  3. “all this copying and aping of Apple bounces back not well for Samsung”

    No, Samsung has sold a lot of phones (much more than other Android phone assemblers) by copying Apple. Apple will continue to take the lions share of profit, Samsung will ship a lot of phones, and the tech press will praise Samsung for shipping a lot of phones.

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