Will Washington D.C. take down Apple – and, if so, why?

“The U.S. Department of Justice has not only successfully sued Apple for arguably non-existent anti-trust violations in the e-book market. It has even demanded – and gotten – a court-appointed ‘monitor’ placed inside the company to supervise the company’s pricing decisions,” Hunter Lewis writes for Breitbart. “This is a company that went from an $18 billion market value in 2000 to a $455 billion market value in 2013… Should anyone expect the success story to continue now that the government is meddling with all the company’s pricing?”

“Among the interesting facts that have come out about the “monitor,” Michael Bromwich, it has been revealed that he bills for his time at $1,100 an hour and charged $138,432 for his first two weeks of ‘work,'” Lewis writes. “Apple has labeled Bromwich’s appointment “unprecedented and unconstitutional.” We wish it were unprecedented. This form of government price interference and intimidation has become increasingly common.”

“This is not just the small-time corruption it might seem. It is tremendously damaging to the economy. The collapse of the Soviet Union should have demonstrated once and for all how important honest and unimpeded prices are for an economy,” Lewis writes. “If the government takes control of pricing, as it is doing in more and more sectors of the economy, it is guaranteeing unemployment and economic suffering. It is also guaranteeing an ever greater problem of crony capitalism, as companies respond by increasing their campaign contributions or take other steps to buy influence in Washington.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rad Wagner” for the heads up.]

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      1. Way to generalize from a few people to the entire government work force!

        That work force, by the way, includes the military, law enforcement, fire department, and other people who work hard every day to take care of their responsibilities for America and its citizens.

        It is so easy to disparage the entire public sector…so easy and so misguided and irresponsible and just plain unfair. You should be embarrassed to casually trash the character and abilities of so many people just because of the decisions or actions of a few.

          1. The article was about the DOJ, not Congress. That is in addition to the fact that you are an anonymous poster and stated your position with respect to “our government workers,” not “Congress.”

            Given the strident tone of the vocal minority on this forum against government and government employees, I believe that my interpretation was reasonable. But I admit that I have been sensitized to the crassness of some of the (mostly) anonymous posters on this forum. I apologize for misinterpreting your intentions. But I have to say that even in Congress, there are some good folks trying to do the best that they can.

  1. This administration is anti-business to its core. Let’s face it–Apple’s too successful and needs to be brought down a peg or 2 because they’ll have more sway than King Government does.

  2. Scary suposition, but based on what has transpire till now and the russian comparison, it might not be far fetched.

    Cashing out and leaving the country might be the only out, but where to and what for? The world is diseased with greed and corruption

    All this bickering and division has killed the goose that laid the golden egg : The good ol’ U.S.A.

    Together we stand divided we fall, one and all.

      1. Not true. Switzerland was involved in Afghanistan from 2003 to around 2008. Granted it was only a handful of officers, but that’s about all they have left after their previous civil war of 1847. And that was a result of a number of states forming a seperate alliance to protect themselves from too much centralization of power. Wow! Funny how that problem keeps popping up over time.

        1. No, they would not have bailed. They would have worked to fix it. They would organize the great minds of the time to sit down and discuss the issues and work towards a solution, no matter how long it took. They would acknowledge their differences, sometimes engaging in emotional debates seemingly without a chance of compromise, but keep working until they came up with something that the majority could accept and support.

          Today, we are polarized – my way or no way – unwilling to compromise and substituting labels, sound bites, FUD, and ad hominem attacks for well-reasoned, open-minded debate. We have gridlock because “standing rigidly on your principles” and claiming victory is far easier than discussing the issues and, perhaps, finding out that you might be able to find an acceptable compromise that benefits everyone.

          1. Like I said Mel, “might be”…

            We’ve come to far to start over, naked shorting should be illegal and is tantamount to the evil of those who poison the union with no skin in the game. Steve Jobs once stopped and preempted one Gizmodo asshole by asking him what he has done or contributed to this world to be proud of …

            I believe in justice and fairness for all. Live and let live.

            You may say i’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.

  3. what would AAPL stock do if the Holder dept. dropped the suit or lost the appeal? This would be a good measure of the cost of misgovernance. Worse for Apple, what will the “Justice” system throw at them next?

  4. Apple is a corporation. Corporations embody the characteristics of their leaders, and to a certain extent, their customers.
    Likewise, courts and politicians embody the ethics of the people.

    The irony here is that the results of the very governmental system that Apple is objecting to was bought and paid for by those that campaigned for its installment: Including Apple.

    Welcome to the new liberal frontier.

  5. the doj with the blessing of the prez uses the constitution to bludgeon when the tang of flesh appeals to their criminal taste. when otherwise, they use it as a pedestal for a pseudo-virtuous facade. hypocrites.

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