Samsung lies again: 16GB plastic 32-bit Galaxy S5 only has 7.86GB usable on-board storage

“When you buy a 16GB iPhone 5c, you get 12.60GB of storage space left over after taking into account iOS 7’s default install size,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac.

“Comparatively, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was the worst bang for the buck, storage-wise, in smartphones: a paltry 8.56GB of internal space was available to the user to store apps and media upon,” Brownlee reports. “Even the S4, though, was roomy compared to the newly announced Galaxy S5. A 16GB Galaxy S5 comes with less than eight gigabytes of usable memory.”

Brownlee reports, “You can install apps, media and more to the card in the Galaxy S5’s microSD slot. But they will never run as quickly or as well as they run on the Galaxy S5 itself. At the end of the day, a 16GB Galaxy S5 only has 7.86GB of usable storage.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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  1. Poor Apple fighting with so many enemies at home and abroad such as Wall Street and Samsung. Wall Street not hesitated to show its dislike Apple shares in RED territory today, while every other stocks are Green.

  2. SD cards are slow and unreliable plus a hassle to manage which is why Google doesn’t want them on Android phones.
    Typical Samsung move.
    Not enough memory? Buy and SD card.
    Crappy plastic cheap and slimy case? Buy a case to put it in.
    Inferior pentile screen? But a screen protector to reduce the ugliness.
    Plus it comes with 2 GB of ram and Android these days needs at least 3 as it uses much more memory than iOS.
    I am surprised Samsung didn’t do more with the S 5 because even androids were dissing the S 4.

    1. The reality is everything you’ve said is true, but the sad reality is the dumbdroids cannot see this reality. I point this stuff out all the time to my frandroid friends who balk at the notion of ever considering paying $300 for a 32gb iph or even $200 for a iph. When I tell them the differences you pointed out they just shake their heads in disbelief and say the same crapdroid nonsense of why should I ever pay for over priced Apple hardware that isn’t even as good as samdungs phones.

  3. EVERYBODY lies about this. This doesn’t make Samsung particularly bad or special (even if they do use up more on-board space than most).

    The larger problem that I see is that the GS5 is limited to 32GB internal (versus, say, 64GB for the iP5S). Yeah, they have external expansion not present in the iP5S, but as others have pointed out, that’s not as convenient to use as internal storage.

  4. No if you buy a current 5s you will get 12.60 gigs of the 16gigs of space. The point of this story is that Samsung’s OS takes up half of the storage space as compared to Apple which uses a mere 4.40 gigs for IOS7.

  5. Sad to see iOS proponents reduced to quoting the abhorred spec differences.. Perhaps a breakdown of what Apps come with the phones would be a better comparison of value added and would also show the ‘real’ size of each OS footprint sans pre-installed Apps.

  6. What a load of rubbish!

    In 10 years time, when I look back at my superior 4K videos & 6K photos of my friends and family, than if I had owned a fashionable non-plastic iPhone (with an ageing camera) why would I care about on board memory. I will just get a 64 GB SD card for £30.

    I own a Macbook Pro, which is the best laptop on the market but the iPhone 5s is not the best phone on the market. Maybe the iPhone 6 will change that!

    You can live in denial if it makes you happy.

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