Apple releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.2

Apple today released OS X Mavericks v10.9.2 Update which which includes a fix for the “GotoFail” SSL security flaw and is recommended for all OS X Mavericks users. It improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac. This update:

• Adds the ability to make and receive FaceTime audio calls
• Adds call waiting support for FaceTime audio and video calls
• Adds the ability to block incoming iMessages from individual senders
• Includes general improvements to the stability and compatibility of Mail
• Improves the accuracy of unread counts in Mail
• Resolves an issue that prevented Mail from receiving new messages from certain providers
• Improves AutoFill compatibility in Safari
• Fixes an issue that may cause audio distortion on certain Macs
• Improves reliability when connecting to a file server using SMB2
• Fixes an issue that may cause VPN connections to disconnect
• Improves VoiceOver navigation in Mail and Finder
• Improves VoiceOver reliability when navigating websites
• Improves compatibility with Gmail Archive mailboxes
• Includes improvements to Gmail labels
• Improves Safari browsing and Software Update installation when using an authenticated web proxy
• Fixes an issue that could cause the Mac App Store to offer updates for apps that are already up to date
• Improves the reliability of diskless NetBoot service in OS X Server
• Fixes braille driver support for specific HandyTech displays
• Resolves an issue when using Safe Boot with some systems
• Improves ExpressCard compatibility for some MacBook Pro 2010 models
• Resolves an issue which prevented printing to printers shared by Windows XP
• Resolves an issue with Keychain that could cause repeated prompts to unlock the Local Items keychain
• Fixes an issue that could prevent certain preference panes from opening in System Preferences
• Fixes an issue that may prevent migration from completing while in Setup Assistant

For detailed information about the security content of this update, see Apple security updates.

The OS X Mavericks v10.9.2 Update is recommended for all OS X Mavericks users.

Updating your system
1. You should back up your system before installation. To do this you can use Time Machine.
2. Do not interrupt the installation process once you have started to update your system.
3. You may experience unexpected results if you have third-party system software modifications installed, or if you’ve modified the operating system through other means.
4. Choose Apple menu () > Software Update to check for the latest Apple software using the Mac App Store, including this update.
5. Other software updates available for your computer may appear, which you should install. Note that an update’s size may vary from computer to computer when installed using Software Update. Also, some updates must be installed prior to others.

You can also download the manual update installer. This is a useful option when you need to update multiple computers, but only want to download the update once. Standalone installers are available from Apple Support Downloads.


    1. Please. Are you unaware of the EIGHT maintenance releases to 10.6? Take a look at the fix list in 10.6.2 or 10.6.3. EVERY major new OS issues.

      I don’t upgrade to brand new OS releases on critical production hardware, so I’m still on Mountain Lion. I’ve been running it for almost 18 months, 10 or 12 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, and it’s excellent. It’s certainly every bit as solid as Snow Leopard every was.

    2. The web has changed since 1200 baud modems, and there are BILLIONS using it every day every minute, every second. For ANY one business to be doing so much is astounding. Yes, Apple is BIG, as is Google, who STILL cannot update it’s iterations with ANY type of uniformity and clarity toward security. Apple is doing very well for the breakneck speed in which it has grown since It was doomed for the 50th time. Microsoft is a joke, Google is a catch all for hackers, and Apple updates and secures as soon as possible.

    3. You obviously don’t know a thing about software development, and you probably think that every problem you’ve had with Mavericks must be happening for everyone else. Mail has been a pain, but that’s about it for me. The majority of Mavericks users that I know are very happy with it. Whether you’ve been aware of them or not, every version of OS X has had bugs that Apple patched later on. And by the way… Mavericks is the tenth version of OS X, not the ninth.

    1. Why are they down voting you, it is a valid question.

      I doubt it thought, likely going to take an actual iBooks update, maybe even an iTunes one.

      For those that do not know, iBooks no longer works with pdf files, they will not sync. iTunes used to allow you to select the files and they would sync, now it directs you to iBooks, which is BROKEN. (For example, apples own ODF;s from their website, downloaded on my HD, or say the peach pit cert books I just purchased from peach pit)

      It also is hit and miss syncing *ANY* content you put in it, that DIDN”T come from the iBooks store. BROKEN.

      go look at Apple’s page devoted to the 200+ Mavericks features, iBooks says this (Among other untruths):

      “Organize PDFs
      In addition to keeping all your books in one place, iBooks organizes your PDF files. Double-click a PDF to open it in your favorite PDF reader on the Mac.”

      Shit is broken, a major PITA to boot. I am an early iPad adopter, having bought EACH iteration, and suddenly, I am no longer able to maintain my pdf library. It SUCKS…

      1. You can download ebook files from Peach Pit. Problem solved. I have a lot of ebooks from O’Reilly. They work the same as ebooks purchased from Apple. When I read your post, I decided to check again if the PDFs work in iBooks. They’re listed in iBooks, but they open in Preview. No problem for me. The important thing is that they open up. It’s not that big of a deal. I can load them on to my iOS devices just fine, and they open up in iBooks on my iPad, and iPhone. There are a couple of annoying characteristics about iBooks that I don’t like, but overall, I have liked it a lot. You can always go back to what ever you were doing before since you didn’t have iBooks until October of last year. No one from Apple busted in your door and shoved a gun in your face, and told you to use iBooks for PDFs. It’s interesting that so many people scream like stuck pigs if Apple offends their precious ways of doing things without even trying something different. It doesn’t work for you, so it must be shit, or it must be broken. Just downgrade to Mountain Lion, and shut up.

        1. When previous functionality is arbitrarily removed, AND you market a features ability to do something it does not do, what would you call it then? an enhancement? Seems more appropriate to refer to it as what it is: BROKEN.

          Let me break it down further, since reading comprehension appears to NOT be your thing.

          I do not have an issue reading or viewing pdf’s on my mac silly, I have multiple pieces of software that fulfill that mission just fine. I do have the following issues:

          1. iBooks is marketed as having the ability to organize “Collections”, I have a vast collection of pdf’s, mostly technical documentation. (Much of which is from Apple’s own developer portal)

          2. These files are too big to email, Apple markets the wireless sync capabilities of iBooks/iCloud. While iBooks on the desktop will organize a collection for you, it WILL NOT sync it to the device.

          3. iTunes PREVIOUSLY allowed you to select pdf, ibooks, epub files (after importing them into iTunes) and it would then sync that content to your iPad, and it would be available in iBooks. The current version of iBooks, shows you the content imported (PRIOR to this iTunes version) but you cannot make changes and it tells you to launch the iBooks app to manage your content, which of course is USELESS.

          4. Even using dropbox (because email doesn’t work for a 100mb pdf file) the pdf will open in iBooks, but close iBooks and relaunch later, the book is gone, you have to enter another app and launch it again. Not intuitive, not a good user experience. Not an “Organized collection”

          5. Telling me to download a different format may well be a “Work-Around” for PeachPit content, but it is not a SOLUTION for ALL of my PDF content. Furthermore, Apple’s stated goals are to DELIGHT customers and create a SEAMLESS user experience. They want to get out of the way and allow me access to my content on a MAGICAL device, IDEAL for reading. REMEMBER?

          Yes I am pissed about it, I do not think I am being unreasonable, what I have said is true, they BROKE ibooks and the ability to sync/manage pdf’s on the iPad. Make excuses all you want, I have thousands invested in their platform, when they market something to me, and I buy in and then they arbitrarily disable a feature I rely on, with no warning, no justification, it is an issue for me.

          No, I wasn’t forced to use Apple products, but I did trust them, and for that I have been burned. I require pdf functionality and Apple is pushing me to other vendors to fill the need, for seemingly NO REASON.

          1. I stopped reading the moment you made this personal with that asshole statement “Let me break it down further, since reading comprehension appears to NOT be your thing”. Jackasses like you don’t deserve to get help, or have your problems resolved. Bitch and moan all you want, but if someone who doesn’t even know you responds to you, and disagrees with you, there is no reason or justification to insult them. Jerks like you should be blocked from commenting.

    1. And they took exactly five days from they day when this bug became known, until the day they patched up the last remaining piece of code that had it (OS X Mavericks).

      And it didn’t prevent the whole tech world to pontificate about the “deafening silence”… for the whole of 120 hours…

  1. re the SSL bug – the Security Notes link should lead you to a document that contains the following (many among other notes):

    Data Security
    Available for: OS X Mavericks 10.9 and 10.9.1
    Impact: An attacker with a privileged network position may capture
    or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS
    Description: Secure Transport failed to validate the authenticity of
    the connection. This issue was addressed by restoring missing
    validation steps.

  2. Did anybody among all the millions of OS X users worldwide fall prey to an attacker because of this? Given all the publicity about it, and what a critical vulnerability it was alleged to pose, one would think so, and one would think we would see stories about these cases.

    1. With every OS update, SpamSieve’s plugin is disabled. Here is what to do, straight from SpamSieve’s developer:
      If a new OS seed disables SpamSieve’s Apple Mail plug-in, you should either: (a) uncheck the SpamSieve rule in Mail’s preferences so that all your mail doesn’t go to the **Spam** mailbox, or (b) hold down the Option key and choose **Install Apple Mail Plug-In** from the **SpamSieve** menu.

    2. And SpamSieve has just been updated. Agreed, one should not blast Apple when Apple issues an update to a 3rd party app. But look how fast SpamSieve delivered a repair! I love SpamSieve. Have for years now.

  3. Installed, rebooted, opened Mail – fine
    Opened Safari and I’m safe again. My wife can no longer hack me!!! 😉

    What a load of FUD this created.

    No Facetime popup… Hmmm, funny that.

    Amazingly snappy!



  4. Safari runs better.

    With Mavericks on my Spring 2009 Macbook, Safari would hang up and give me the beach ball frequently when I scrolled down a page. Something was hanging up or loading slowly.

    Today, with 10.9.2, scrolling down the page finally feels “friction-free.” No beach balls or delays.

    If only they’d fix the sluggish behavior of Finder under Mavericks, but the Safari improvement is notable.

  5. I’m not sure if this is new to OS X, but I find this extremely curious. This is from the top of the User agreement that you need to consent to in 10.9.2

    IMPORTANT NOTE: To the extent that this software may be used to reproduce, modify, publish or distribute materials, it is licensed to you only for reproduction, modification, publication and distribution of non-copyrighted materials, materials in which you own the copyright, or materials you are authorized or legally permitted to reproduce, modify, publish or distribute. If you are uncertain about your right to copy, modify, publish or distribute any material, you should contact your legal advisor.

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