Apple’s new Mac video wins Super Bowl ad race without even trying

“Apple was notably absent from the Super Bowl ad slots Sunday, but a new video touting the Mac’s transformative power is quickly making Cupertino the most talked-about company the morning after the big game,” Killian Bell writes for Cult of Mac.

“The impressive clip continues the Mac’s 30th-anniversary celebration, and it was shot entirely on iPhones in 15 locations across five continents,” Bell writes. “Traditionally, one of the biggest talking points after Super Bowl Sunday isn’t the game itself, but who aired the best ad. Some pretty terrific commercials from Budweiser, GoPro, Kia, and even Microsoft captured viewers’ attention during the Seattle Seahawks’ blowout victory yesterday, but if you scroll through your Twitter timeline or check your RSS feeds this morning, it’s likely to be Apple’s new ad that pops up most.”

“We’ve quickly forgotten about all those companies that paid millions of dollars for 60 seconds of Super Bowl airtime — and started talking about Apple instead,” Bell writes. “You might not have been thinking about Apple during the big game last night, but you are now.”

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MacDailyNews Take: After about 5 minutes, the only thing we were thinking about last night – besides how bad the embarrassing beatdown being applied to the Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos would ultimately be – was Apple, thanks to Lee Clow’s tweet. Thanks, Lee, for keeping us awake during the Seahawks romp o’ humiliation!

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    1. Stupid is as stupid keeps posting, over and over and over.

      Anyway – it VERY clearly explains why they consider that Apple wins — that without paying millions of dollars for sixty seconds, their ad is today’s most talked about.

  1. How millions of $$$$$$$$ did AAPL pay for their Super Bowl slot again? OH! Right $0. Where the puck is going to BE.. smirk. But Apple has lost its mojo!!! WHAAAA!! GMAFB

  2. That was awesome!!! Have to say that I did not watch one second of the Superbowl Sunday night. I live about four miles east of Met Life Stadium, in North Bergen, NJ. You don’t have to have carnival barkers doing loud and obnoxious voice overs to get your point across. Just let the product do most, if not all the talking. Apple does that well and it shows. I have never understood the blind hatred of Apple and it’s products that so many flame-throwers show in their comments here and on other Apple/Mac centered web sites. All I can say is this. There will come a time in the future where there will not be a company called Apple. Though that period of time is not today or tomorrow. There was a ruler in ancient Persia who asked his wisest scholars for the one statement that will always be correct, They came up with this line. “And this too shall pass”.And that will the fate of Apple, as well as everything else of the planet called Earth.

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