iPhone user reviews Android after 6 months of use: Samsung Galaxy S4 not as good as Apple iPhone

“One iPhone user took to Reddit on Thursday to describe his experience using Android for six months,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR, “and he provided an uncommonly succinct and level-headed account of his impressions after moving back to his iPhone 5.”

“Writing under the user name “HairOnTheHead,” the Redditor explained in a post that the first thing he noticed when he switched from his iPhone 5 to a Samsung Galaxy S4 was the difference in perceived quality between iOS apps and Android apps,” Epstein reports. “‘The app store and the apps themselves are a definite ‘step up’ over Android,’ he wrote. ‘Things such as my banking app, Starbucks app, etc, not only work better… they just… look better. My S4 commonly had apps that looked like they scaled awkwardly with graphics that aren’t as crisp as they should be. This drove me nuts at first but I learned to deal with it.'”

“He went on to describe a few other qualms with Android, and with the Galaxy S4 specifically,” Epstein reports. “Noted issues include buggy features and app crashes, battery life that didn’t measure up to his iPhone 5, and a distaste for Samsung’s TouchWiz ‘bloatware.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Next up, a BMW M5 owner will recount his 6-months in a fscking Kia Optima.

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  1. MDN: “Next up, a BMW M5 owner will recount his 6-months in a fscking Kia Optima”

    That’s fscking hilarious!!!

    I know, someone had to actually assume that an Android phone would be better to have this “shocking” realization. It goes to show you that the hugest advertising budget in tech does con many people into thinking they bought a better phone. Well, I am going to hold off on my BMW purchase until that Kia vs M5 analysis comes out!

  2. But unfortunately , most of the android users are stupid not to distinguish the difference and they only know simple things like big small cheap expensive .
    They don’t know what is quality .

  3. The real point is that most Android users have no experience of IOS, so they assume that as Android looks like IOS and does the same sort of things, it must be the same. They simply don’t know how much better things can really be. What they use now is better than their earlier feature phone, so it’s a welcome improvement, even though they don’t realise it’s not the best.

    Mac users can relate to this when they helped ex-Windows users to migrate to OS X. Windows users were so used to viruses, bugginess and illogical working methods that they assumed all operating systems were like that. OS X appeared to look similar ( largely because Windows copied so much from Apple ), so it’s easy to imagine that the two must be comparable. When they tried OS X, they were amazed to see for themselves that viruses can be forgotten about, Macs keep running whatever you do with them and once you get over the culture shock of switching, OS X is consistent and logical to use.

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