Apple updates iWork for iCloud beta with new, flatter iOS 7-style UI elements

“Apple has just pushed out an update to its iWork for iCloud web apps that brings a redesign for some elements of the three apps and a long list of new features and improvements,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“Apple has added a new iOS 7-style UI for each app’s template chooser and document library (the first thing you see when launching the apps), but when editing the document you’ll still get the old black and grey editor UI for now,” Kahn reports. “All three apps — Pages, Numbers, and Keynote — get the ability to add passwords and share password protected documents, spreadsheets, or presentations, as well as ‘improved VoiceOver support for body text and document manager.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: The latest iWork for iCloud beta apps are here:


    1. Obama and his Nazi regime and iOS 7.

      A match made in hell.

      My next phone will not be an iPhone for sure.

      I DISPISE Apple now. And I’m an Apple user since the Apple II.

  1. Ooh! Different UI elements! That’ll make up for the program being castrated. I’m sure I and all the other one-star review people (the great majority) will be happy now.

    1. Apparently, you didn’t bother going to the original Rticle before posting your incorrect comment. Apple added a number of feature back into the apps that they had removed.

      As Apple says they will continue to add missing features. As well, they will continue adding new features.

      I’m one who was disappointed that the new iWork wasn’t even more sophisticated than before when it first came out, and I was annoyed that they had removed features. But I understand why they had done that. It was in order to get version control over the Mac and iOS versions, and they couldn’t do all the features at once.

      I’ve also been a FCS user from wY back, and FCP X was also frustrating, when it first came out, but Apple has added a number of major features back into the software that has tKen care of many, if not most, of the early complaints.

      The same thing is happening here.

      1. So, in other words, anything Apple puts out that they call an “upgrade” is OK with you, because someday in the future it will do the things that it used to do before the…”upgrade”.

          1. Yes, I read your entire post.

            If I annoy you, ignore me.

            I, for one, do not consider a new version of software that does less than it’s predecessor to be an “upgrade”.

          1. “The sooner Apple listens to its users. . . .”

            You’re not different than a politician, who hides behind the rhetoric, “The American people want . . . ” whenever the want to assert what they think is a good policy proposal. Be honest with yourself, and say: “The sooner Apple listens to me”

            The data so far shows iOS 7 provides a superior user experience than all other operating systems at the time of the study (iOS 6 and Android 4.3 and Windows):

            Get over it.

            1. Your analogy DOES NOT hold water. I have not prescribed the tactics Apple needs to make to restore user and investor confidence. I stated that better communication with users would put Apple on a better path. How can you possibly disagree with this?

              YOU are the politician here, sticking words in my mouth and intentionally misconstruing what I wrote.

  2. Thank you Mac Daily Douchbag News for not posting my comments. Apparently this site is only for kiss-ass Apple lovers who would think a turd wrapped with an Apple wrapper is the greatest thing on the planet. Your selective filtering of legitimate replies shows your true colors, as well as your ass.

    1. It has something to do with the software they use. Some of my comments don’t make it either. If they were trying to cut you out, why would they publish your current post? Most sites would cut that one out for sure.

  3. Still missing the basic page layout features dropped in the big “upgrade.” Even in terms of simple word processing, how could it have ever have dropped styled text in tables in the first place? Nice to have it back, but really! Same for many other features used by lots of folks besides “power users.”

    1. Which is why I still keep the previous iWork apps around when I need to do something the new version doesn’t yet. Which will likely continue until the new versions catch up.

      At worst, it’s a minor annoyance.

      1. steveH I agree, my iWork ’09 is still on my system and I use it often.
        To all those complaining about the upgrade as a downgrade look in Applications you will see iWork ”09 still there. As steveH stated, “…at worst, it”s a minor annoyance”.
        Something else to consider, all the iWork apps are comparable across devices. I like that a lot, whereas before all this the Mac version was not compatible iPhone nor iPad. For Apple to make many strides forward they had to make one giant step backwards. I am okay with that.

  4. Just taken my iPhone 4s to IOS 7 with 5s waiting in its box – but have to say I fairly disappointed with most changes, particularly where text legibility is concerned.

    Apple Maps a mere shadow of Google Maps, and no Street View. Icons are generally pale and weedy.

    Upshot: I’ll keep my iPad on earlier IOS as long as possible.

  5. Not a fan of the interface chrome in iOS 7 or the instability, but I do love the new functionality. I could deal with it better if it had different fonts and some texture to the flat elements.

    Mostly I just want to stop rebooting randomly.

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