“Consumers came out in droves to shop for deals on Thanksgiving night and on Black Friday,” Laurie Kulikowski reports for TheStreet. “Macy’s opened for the first time on Thanksgiving. CEO Terry Lundgren in an interview with TheStreet said that 15,000 shoppers were waiting to enter its flagship store in Manhattan just before opening at 8pm. ‘That’s compared to 11,000 at midnight the year before so obviously customers were demanding that we open early,’ Lundgren said.”

“Elsewhere, not surprisingly, Apple products were flying off the shelves and online,” Kulikowski reports. “A quick look on several retailers’ Web sites, including Best Buy, Wal-Mart Stores and Target, showed the Apple iPad Air, as well the iPhone 5C and 5S, were mostly sold out by Friday morning.”

Kulikowski reports, “On Target.com, ‘traffic and sales were among the highest Target has seen in a single day,’ the company said. Products including the new iPads, large screen TVs, Nintendo 3DS XL and Zoomer the Robot ProdDog were sold out by mid-morning on Thursday.”

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