“Apple isn’t known for discount sales, so when it has one, it’s news,” Arik Hesseldahl reports for AllThingsD. “Today, in a promotional email, Apple unveiled its Black Friday deals, available on its online store and at its retail stores around most of the world. If you buy an iPad, Mac or iPod, you get an Apple gift card worth between $50 and $150.”

“Of course, the Apple Store isn’t the only place you can get the iPad today. Retailers Walmart and Target have already announced this morning that iPads are among the biggest selling items at their holiday sales — at Target; the iPad Air was the top draw; at Walmart, it was the iPad mini,” Hesseldahl reports. “In both cases, those stores used discounts announced on the night before Thanksgiving to generate foot traffic. Both trimmed the price on an iPad Air by $20. And today, Target is offering a $100 gift card with the purchase of any full-size iPad, basically dropping the starting price to $379. Best Buy is offering the iPad Air for between $50 and $70 off, depending on model.”

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