Apple’s iPad Mini a top seller as Walmart sells 1.4 million tablets on Thanksgiving

Walmart today announced record-breaking Black Friday results. Millions of customers, once again, took advantage of the retailer’s deals that began on Thanksgiving Day and last throughout the weekend.

“We said Black Friday is the Super Bowl of retail, we ran a play that only Walmart could deliver and our customers loved it,” said Bill Simon, president and CEO of Walmart U.S., in a statement. “Our Black Friday events were bigger, better, faster, cheaper and safer than ever. More customers chose us, we had the prices and products they were looking for, and we’re not finished yet. Helping families get ready for a great Christmas – and get a lot of great deals while they’re at it – is exactly what we’re going to continue to do.”

From coast to coast, yesterday’s top sellers at Walmart – in stores and online – were big screen televisions, Apple’s iPad mini, laptops, XBOX ONE, PS4 and Call of Duty Ghosts. Customers also bought:

• 2.8 million towels
• 2 million televisions
• 1.4 million tablets
• 300,000 bicycles
• 1.9 million dolls

In addition, hand-held video games and SLR digital cameras were some of the most popular items on

Source: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

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      1. Disregarding any religious reasons, it’s still a day that is meant to be spent with family. This is reflected by it being the US holiday that sees the most domestic travel each year, ranking above even Christmas.

        By opening on Thanksgiving itself you’re denying mostly minimum-wage workers that family time. It was bad enough when they had to go in right after dinner to finish setting up for Black Friday sales.

            1. And we certainly are not giving thanks for anonymous posters like you who spout political crap at every possible opportunity, no matter how inappropriate or inconsistent with the MDN topic at hand.

      2. Could be something to do with making retail workers come in on a national holiday, just to sell some things a few hours earlier that if the sale started on Black Friday AM as has been done in the past. No rest for the poor, I bet the CEO was home enjoying the evening with his family.

        1. The current Walmart CEO Mike Duke was home with his family counting his money. Seeing the bustling crowds likely put a big grin on his face. The word poor only concerns him to the extent of “poor” holiday sales.

      1. Since you like Katy Perry, download W Magazine from the App Store — it’s free for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. The photo shoot shows two of her tattoos, and the interview revels some serious intelligence in addition to her other gifts. Spoiler: she’d drop everything if summoned by Ridley Scott to play Rachael in Blade Runner 2

    1. I guess I’ll be trying to figure out what about prawn on your iPad makes them worthy of your attention for quite some time, not to mention the need for even one towel when you’re “done” watching them. /s

  1. Christmas Morning Scene…

    Says Out Loud
    “Oh, gee, thanks, I always wanted a… a… tablet, thanks grandma.

    Says In Loud
    “Return this POS and get the freaking iPad I asked for”

    1. This is the type of attitude I was ranting about earlier. If I acted like that on Christmas morning, my parents would rip me a new one. This quote is proof-positive that today’s generation has no respect whatsoever.

  2. If u don’t like the company u work for, quit! Typical liberals complaining about everything in America and micromanaging society. Don’t want to work on Thanksgiving? Aspire to a better job!

    1. A fairly high proportion of the businesses that forced their employees to work on Thanksgiving were forced to do so because they are located in malls or shopping centers that have the contractual power to dictate hours. Since all the stores were open, in many cases involuntarily, there was nowhere for dissatisfied employees to go.

      In many cases, mall management was following the lead of an anchor tenant that demanded a holiday opening. Ironically, in view of the store’s historical connection with Thanksgiving, the demanding tenant was Macy’s in many cases. Target and JCP have both stated that they were not planning to open on Thanksgiving, but were forced to because of competitive pressure from Macy’s and Macy-driven malls.

  3. Serious question: when they say ‘iPad mini’ do they mean the new iPad mini Retina or the ‘plain’ mini, last year’s model, which is still for sale, of course.

    Such is the confusion when they don’t state the whole name…

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