Forrester: Apple’s PrimeSense acquisition opens up new computing experiences – and enterprise solutions

“Apple has completed an acquisition of the Israeli firm PrimeSense, a sensing company whose technology has powered Microsoft’s popular Xbox Kinect for Xbox 360,” JP Gownder writes for Forrester.

“For the consumer market, Apple’s purchase opens up a number of tantalising product possibilities: Apple TV; Mobile and wearable products; Customised e-commerce,” Gownder writes. “Perhaps just as interestingly, PrimeSense powers a number of interesting enterprise technology solutions.”

“Apple has traditionally proved averse to articulating an enterprise-specific marketing and sales strategy, preferring to focus on end users – be they consumers or workers,” Gownder writes. “But PrimeSense’s enterprise portfolio is meaty, including (but not limited to) a number of vertical scenarios.”

Read more and see the video in the full article here.

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  1. I’m still rather worried about how this new tech will be used. Knowing the US government, they might require all of these devices to have built-in cameras so the government has an easier time of monitoring the populace, under the guise of “fighting terrorism”. They have been doing this since 2003, with the Patriot Act, and who knows what will happen in the future.

      1. That’s not the problem. I am quite aware that it’s a camera, what I am worried about is how it would be used. We all know what Google and MS would do with it, but because of what has been happening to Apple lately, as well as the fact that the company they bought is based in a country not exactly known for their human rights records, worries me.

        1. @ armando-firing-blancas
          do a little research, anti-semite a**hole! israel is second to none when it comes to human rights, especially compared to every one of its neighbors, where gays are hung, women are not only wrapped in burkas, but denied education and the right merely to drive a car.

  2. And while you al delude yourselves with innovation FUD and iPad mini shortages delusions, Apple is quietly (still waters run deep) forging ahead and making unseen inroads into the future.

    Eat your heart out haters and Sam scum, happy Thanksgiving to everyone else.

    Give thanks for Apple, it would be a boring retarded world without it.

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