Black Friday: Shoppers snap up deals and Apple iPads

“Consumers came out in droves to shop for deals on Thanksgiving night and on Black Friday,” Laurie Kulikowski reports for TheStreet. “Macy’s opened for the first time on Thanksgiving. CEO Terry Lundgren in an interview with TheStreet said that 15,000 shoppers were waiting to enter its flagship store in Manhattan just before opening at 8pm. ‘That’s compared to 11,000 at midnight the year before so obviously customers were demanding that we open early,’ Lundgren said.”

“Elsewhere, not surprisingly, Apple products were flying off the shelves and online,” Kulikowski reports. “A quick look on several retailers’ Web sites, including Best Buy, Wal-Mart Stores and Target, showed the Apple iPad Air, as well the iPhone 5C and 5S, were mostly sold out by Friday morning.”

Kulikowski reports, “On, ‘traffic and sales were among the highest Target has seen in a single day,’ the company said. Products including the new iPads, large screen TVs, Nintendo 3DS XL and Zoomer the Robot ProdDog were sold out by mid-morning on Thursday.”

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  1. Hard to believe, but a few days ago, many seasoned analysts were warning of a lacklustre holiday season overall. Analyst Kofi Bofah, citing a Morgan Stanley report to “expect coal” for 2013, singled out Apple, assembling a number of ingenious assumptions to micro forecast dismal sales for the electronics giant.

    It is something of a surprise that such a huge turnout for Black Friday 2013 wasn’t expected by so many of the keen minds the world depends on for understanding commerce.

    Memo to Apple: Prepare for weak Christmas season sales or something

    1. I saw a few articles like that, too. Mainly they were saying how Apple might have a lackluster holiday due to “shortages”. Apple is always claimed to be a victim of either low demand or inventory shortages. Always some lose-lose scenario. I still expect some articles spinning positive news into negative news for Apple. It never fails.

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  2. I bet some of those were parents forced by their bratty teens who have no respect. Some snot-nosed brat got a ShameSlut Gag-Laxative tablet and whined like a little Bitch about it, and whined for the new iPad. That is shameful. Back in the day, I worked hard for my Apple devices. I bought my first iMac on 9/11, and the first thing I did was to check on friends and family back in New York City. (I was going to college in Chicago at the time) An ungrateful brat would have downloaded that video of Miley Cyrus twerking. Sad world we live in…

          1. You lot don’t know your born!
            We had t’ get up for work half an hour before we went t’ bed. We’d brush our teeth wi’ stones from t’ lake then crawl on our bellies for 20 miles over broken glass t’ do a 28 hour shift in t’ mill.
            After work we’d have t’ crawl back with only a dry branch for tea. Our pa would beat us t’ death wit’ iron rod before sending us t’ bed.
            And the thing is if you tell the kids of today they won’t believe you!

    1. My straight A stepdaughter wants an iPad. She goes to FSU on a scholarship she won through hard work and study. Her mom and I always gave them the best tools to succeed. When they were in elementary school, her and her sister shared a hand me down Mac. By high school, they each had my hand me down laptops. For college, each got brand new MacBook Pro’s. The youngest wants an iPad, she will use her Christmas money to purchase one. Just because you give your kids expensive high end computers, iPhones and other stuff, does not make them brats. I take offense at that notion. I know by giving the girls the best in computers and smart phones, they were able to succeed at a much higher level than they would have without them. It was a good investment. Thanks to both girls earning scholarships, thousands of dollars were saved in tuition costs. My girls are the farthest thing away from being spoiled brats. They are kind, smart, loving, and incredibly grateful for everything their mother and I have done for them.

      Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Glad to see and know our approach to it was very successful and effective.

    2. what’s with your vendetta against children?
      we always gave our daughter the best apple products we could afford; she responded by writing mystery novels at age 12 on her e-mac, writing and performing music in church at 15, creating her own backup music on macbook pro with garage band and making the dean’s honours list at 18.

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