Apple makes UI changes in iOS 7.1; see the progression from beta 1 – beta 3

Yesterday, Apple seeded developers with iOS 7.1 beta 3.

The latest beta comes after the December 13th release of iOS 7.1. beta 2. It includes a number of bug fixes and visual tweaks aimed at improving usability.

Via Twitter, @Sentry_NC has created an image which shows the evolution in user interface elements from iOS 7.1 (Beta 1) to iOS 7.1 (Beta 3):

iOS 7.1 beta 1 (left), iOS beta 2 (middle), iOS beta 3 (right)
iOS 7.1 beta 1 (left), iOS beta 2 (middle), iOS beta 3 (right)



    1. I agree! When someone calls me, I want, and I like, to see the face of who is calling me so that in an instant, I know who is calling me.
      I don’t want a teeny icon photo of them which I cannot see at arms length, or a too small photo that looks like most of the other people’s small icon sized photos!
      What is going on around here?

    1. Beta #1 is .H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E . ! ! !
      Why not use the 4 colors from the Windows logo?
      Have they hired Steve Ballmer?

      The button labels in beta #3 are way too small (and the buttons themselves could be 20-30% bigger).
      The photo icon also is way too small (Is Apple experimenting with 7in phablets?). That said, I don’t have too many correspondents in my address book who provided a self-picture, so maybe the issue is rather vacuous.

  1. I dunno, I like the move away from the large rectangular buttons. It’s more cohesive with the overall circular UI design for iOS 7. That said, reducing the contact picture to a thumbnail was stupid and I hope they change that before they release this to the public.

    Remember, people. It’s a beta. It’ll probably change some more before we ever get access to it.

  2. What were they thinking with beta #1 ?
    Looks like Windows 8 !

    Beta 3 looks cleaner (unfortunately more Skype-ish), but is less informative.
    The Beta 2 appearance is better dan the Beta 1 one but looks amateurish or old school.

  3. Am I the only one but I wish the phone background when making calls was all black with white highlighted circles rather than the way it is now with the all white background and black highlighted circles.

      1. No he’s right. It’s terrible and gets all kind of hate everywhere except this site. I can’t stand the overly white UI (worse in safari than other apps) belongs in a hospital.

    1. +1

      Making Microsoft’s square tiles round is not “innovation”, Apple. iOS7 is fugly.

      If Ives thinks “minimalism” is so great, why doesn’t he replace the high-res color photos of the girls with charcoal impressionist sketches of them? Wouldn’t that be more consistent with Apple’s new “flat & boring” theme?

          1. Looks professional is all about communication and understanding by all age groups.

            The esoteric rainbow bubbles and photo fans/flower petals, whatever they are, certainly confusing.

            My six-year old niece loves her two-year old iPad and seeing iOS 7 for the first time at Christmas asked why did they take away my apps.

            I’m certain a segment of all age groups are equally confused and something we don’t hear much about for good reason.

            1. I haven’t seen or heard any articles or papers about any widespread issues with users experiencing confusion using iOS 7, and certainly not by any particular age group. Have you? Of course not; it’s simply more personal opinion stated as fact.

              If you want to discuss anecdotal evidence, my 6- and 8-year each received an iPad mini for Christmas, both of which came out of the box with iOS 6 on them. They used them that way for 3 or 4 days straight until I upgraded them to iOS 7. Neither one indicated a single problem or concern. Nada. Zip. Because the icons changed, your niece couldn’t find the apps she was accustomed to looking for, and she remarked on it. A day later, she was no doubt completely accustomed to the new app icons and all is right with the world.

              I suspect we don’t hear about confusion or other problems with the UI design and look/feel because those with problems are a tiny minority. I’ve spoken to a probably two dozen friends and relatives in my peer group, from all ages, and not a single one I know dislikes iOS 7 in general. The only serious concern I’ve heard from a couple is that they were having a hard time getting accustomed to the new calendar app.

              This is all about change. Some people just don’t like change.

    2. Your right as rain.

      The hideous linear flat joke of so called design in iOS7 needs an immediate and serious redesign!

      Delete the retreat to crayon lines, Bahaus bull and cave symbols.

      Skeuomorphics needs to EVOLVE forward and consider three dimensional design aka Maya, possibly motion, sound — whatever buries the outlines found in kids coloring books.

      Time to wake up from a bad design dream …

    1. ‘White space’ is an important design element that actually I proves legibility. Explains why Win8 is so difficult to work with despite its bland ‘one’ dimensional graphics. Also why thin fonts can be clearer than bold fonts. It’s all about balance. Aspects of iOS7 are excellent while others are certainly not let’s hope the former take precedence. And actually I prefer beta 3 more minimalist and less in your face and unsophisticated.

  4. Why does apple think making things smaller on a small screen makes things better and easier to interact with???
    What happened to contact pics?

    Come on Apple… Make things high contrast .. Easy to see!( no light grey on white!!!)
    Bigger, easy to interact!
    Not so neony and pinky … And not so much white ( white background for a photo app??????? )

    I am beginning to truly doubt jhonny ives talent in color coordination and interface design!

  5. All I can think of is that it would suck to be color blind and have to live with beta #3’s answer screen. The only difference between the decline and accept buttons is the orientation of the handset icon and the color.

    I really hope beta 3 is an experiment and that the final result will be closer to beta 2.


    1. As a colorblind person – and no I don’t just see in B&W! – I’ve learned to deal with things like that. At first glance I didn’t even notice the color difference and just looked at the graphics. Simple enough for me and kind of like learning traffic signals – green is “usually” on the bottom and red is “usually” on top – so they are easy enough to navigate. Now when some genius traffic engineer decides to place the lights sideways things are a little different 🙂 At least with iOS Blech I can just rely on the pictures.

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