Judge Koh to hold hearing on Apple’s renewed injunction bid against Samsung on January 30th

“Last week Samsung requested an extension of time for its answer to Apple’s post-appeal renewed motion for a permanent injunction and permission to conduct discovery relating to more recent settlement talks between the parties,” Florian Müller writes for FOSS Patents. “Apple opposed this, and Judge Lucy Koh, the federal judge presiding over two Apple v. Samsung cases in the Northern District of California, issued an order late on Tuesday by local time that confirms the injunction hearing will be held on January 30, the date proposed by Apple, and Samsung won’t get to depose an Apple witnesses on settlement talks.”

“Samsung now has to file its opposition to Apple’s renewed motion for an injunction on Thursday (January 9). Apple may reply within a week. The hearing will go forward on January 30,” Müller writes. “A hearing had previously been scheduled for that day to discuss the parties’ post-trial motions following the recent retrial. The question of injunctive relief will be another — and strategically even more important — item on the agenda for that hearing.”

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  1. This old chestnut Lucy Koh needs to be replaced, there is no way a replacement can be worse then her. She is biased and sly, makes great effort to look neutral while receiving bonuses from Samsung

    1. Koh =/= Cote
      There’s still something wrong with Koh. She keeps acting like korean judges known to favour middleground on *everything* (there’s never a winner and a loser with them) to feign impartiality.

    1. @SamLowry, Lucy Koh is a master of sly and false impressions, so the prevention of further delay requested by Samsung is the window dressing to promote the false impression. You have been duped by her

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