Apple continues to experience major headaches with iWatch production

The Information has a new report out detailing some of the many woes that Apple has faced when trying to mass produce its first-ever smartwatch and it sounds like the company is still experiencing major headaches with the device,” Brad Reed reports for BGR.

“Among other things, The Information says Apple has had problems with both the iWatch’s screen and battery while also noting that Apple actually lost its hardware director who was overseeing the project,” Reed reports. “The good news, it seems, is that none of these production problems mean that the device’s release will be delayed past its current projected date of late 2014.”

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  1. Sigh .
    Others have no this kind of problem coz they aren’t innovating .
    All others do is copy and earn much less to survive and enjoy growth coz what they earn 20 years = Apple earns 1 year . So they can GROW 20 years .

  2. Analysts are still experiencing credibility problems with their iWatch rumours.

    It was hoped that iWatch rumours would be in full flow by now, but the rumours produced so far have failed to be credible. Plausible rumours are not now expected to be released until late 2014.

    Analysts have had problems with identifying the iWatch’s exact purpose, it’s major parts and it’s operation. Once Apple starts mass production of a wearable device, it is hoped that it will be possible to manufacture large numbers of rumours based on illicit photographs of key components

    1. MDN likes to spread FUD and politics. MDN is becoming a hit whore site. This kind of negative news spreading is typical with the general media where any bad news, true or not, is news.

  3. All the issues they are trying to solve with miniaturization, battery and screen will trickle down making all other devices including iPhones and iPads better. The product development for the iWatch will pay big dividends.

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