Yahoo launches ‘Yahoo News Digest’ app for iOS

“In tandem with its keynote at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Yahoo announced ‘News Digest,’ a new iOS app that aggregates, condenses and delivers the day’s top news to users twice a day,” AppleInsider reports.

News Digest, currently limited to iPhone and iPod touch (pixel doubled on iPad), puts a twist on the two-times-a-day news delivery format that has in some ways been usurped by the Internet’s instant and always-on coverage,” AppleInsider reports. “‘We wanted Yahoo News Digest to revisit a content format that when read, led you to a sense of completion and conclusiveness, much like reading the newspaper did,’ Yahoo’s product manager for mobile and emerging products Nick D’Aloisio wrote in a Tumblr post. D’Aloisio is the creator of Summly, a summarization and artificial intelligence technology used in a corresponding app, which was purchased by Yahoo last year.”

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  1. I’ve made Yahoo my default screen in Safari. However, I must say that the liberal bent on their news is a bit too much for me. It blows CNN and even NPR away in that regard. I suspect that I won’t be bothering to check out this app on the basis of Yahoo news’ coverage.

      1. No, it really is very liberally biased. For example, on a story about minimum wage, 20 links at the bottom of the page were all from the democrat/liberal perspective, 0 conservative.

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