No Windows PC can match the value of Apple’s revolutionary Mac Pro

“The first indication that Apple’s sleek, cylindrical Mac Pro is meant for professionals — other than its name — is its high cost,” AppleInsider’s Shane Cole reports. “AppleInsider assembled a comparable Windows-based system to see just how much value Apple squeezed into its new desktop.”

“For the purposes of this exercise, we used current prices at a large, nationwide internet retailer well respected by do-it-yourself PC builders. We targeted the new Mac Pro’s most tricked-out arrangement, a $9,599 configuration,” Cole reports. “Without considering shipping costs, assembly time, or additional complications that may arise from cooling the machine, it would cost just over $14,300 to replicate Apple’s new Mac Pro spec-for-spec.”

“For that substantial premium, we lose several of the Mac Pro’s tentpole features — notably Thunderbolt connectivity — and increase the computer’s size by nearly 300 percent. We would also forfeit the significant intangible addition of Apple’s AppleCare warranty service,” Cole reports. “All in all, it appears that the new Mac Pro’s startling sticker price belies the exceptional value underneath.”

See the components that make up the inferior, bulky, $4,701 more expensive, cobbled-together Windows PC — AI, you forgot the Windows anti-virus subscription(s)! — in the full article here.

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    1. And, truth be remembered, all current Macs can run Windows just fine. (Bite my tongue for having said that) Suddenly, the top of the line Mac costs 2/3 the price of an equivalent, but lesser) Windows-only box. Hows that for TCO.

  1. We Mac users know this, and the savings add up when you consider the maintenance cost.

    But, alas, majority of PC users will just ignore like they’ve been brainwashed to. Sigh. They deserve it.

    1. I read the comments on your linked article. Lots of strong opinions from people who don’t have a clue. I just don’t get the hostility towards Apple from people. If it sold for 999.95, I think those morons on CNET would still think it was overpriced. I sense envy and insecurity from the other side. How sad for them.

      1. It’s because the Windows PC users seem to think it must be “compatible”. If it’s not, it must not be good, they think. They equate PC with compatible. Also, hackers don’t like Apple because they feel Apple has abandoned them (just like the pro users feel).

        I want to tinker myself. I love it. But I did post here once I built a mini PC and my wife yelled at me because it cost more than a Mac mini.

        I think the hostility comes from this feeling that Apple doesn’t support the hobbyist or the pro.

        How to respond?

          1. The concept of ‘tinkering’ is a bit misleading. People mostly swap modules these days, they don’t build new modules from simple components, they buy modules ready made and plug them in. I speak as one who built my first computer, to my own design in the 1970’s using TTL logic and stripboard and built many computers subsequently on PCBs that I designed and etched myself and then populated with the components.

            It makes very little difference whether the modules are physically within the case, or external to the case. The versatility of the new Mac pro’s expansion means that it will allow a very wide range of customised configurations – which is what ‘tinkerers like to do.

        1. PC people think they need a big box because that’s what they’ve always used.
          Just wait and see now long it takes the PC Box assemblers (like Dell) to start coming out with their own Mac Pro lookalikes. And they will probable blow it by not including Thunderbolt to cut corners.

  2. That’s nonsense. That headline only applies to retail Windows PCs. At least a half-dozen commenters at every site I went to said they could build a Windows PC with as much processing power as the new Mac Pro for almost half the price. And they could use four AMD GPUs in CrossFire mode to boost processing power to even greater levels. Plus the case would hold eight hard drives, two Blu-ray burners, be fully water-cooled, completely silent and double as a room heater in the winter. Jony Ive really messed up this time. He saw too many simplehuman trashcan designs and decided to put a computer inside one of them.

    Now Apple is trying to sell those freaks of nature and pass it off as innovation. Everyone knows real computers were meant to be rectangular in shape for a reason. This new Mac Pro is an abomination set on shaking the computing industry to its very core. I would say it’s nothing short of heresy.


    1. I know you are being sarcastic and I agree with your take

      like to add that those PC weenies don’t factor in the cost of their time of putting together and testing all those finicky high end components. PC dudes self image is that their time is worth ZERO.


    2. Yes most of the diehard apple haters arguments rely on substituting a Core i7 for the Xeon (because, they state confidently, of some benchmark they are equivalent)
      And they also substitute Radeon for the Fire GL’s (again claiming XY benchmark proves they are equivalent.

      Typical (idiot) adolescent logic; that they are far more clever than all the engineers at Intel & AMD who build them and all of the professionals who buy them and they have determined that their mythical hacked together i7/Radeon gamer rig is the equivalent of a workstation at half the price.

  3. The CNUTJOBS iHaters keeps posting that they can build one for 1/4 of the price… sure. Yet none post any links for a configured one to match the MPro or images of what that Frankenstein of a POS will look like.

  4. This Mac will really be outstanding once developers jump full fledged in to Open CL. When this happens, you will see this hardware really shine. That is way I am waiting for the nest revision. You give time to developers to catch up to the hardware.

  5. In the old days, adobe would have released a version of Photoshop that took advantage of the new mac.
    Now it’s not even an afterthought.
    Apple needs to buy adobe and fix it now!!!

    1. Figure out what resources would be needed to get Pixelmator to have feature parity with Photoshop, and invest in that company. Probably a lot cheaper than buying Adobe, or maintaining Photoshop code.

  6. I can build a PC with exactly the same specs as the top end Mac Pro +/- approx $200 (Ahem..more + than -).

    Just buy the Mac Pro and install Windows with Bootcamp.

    Wait a minute…Wow….even better! Two for One!

    1. No. A real Windows PC user would never pick a circular shape for a man’s computer. They like squared corners for their computer cases. Nice, sharp edges are considered masculine. The Mac Pro looks too shiny and girlish.

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