WebOS to resurface on LG TVs next year

“WebOS, the mobile operating system that won’t stay dead, is about to be reborn on smart TVs from LG,” Jared Newman reports for TechHive.

“According to ZDNet Korea, LG will debut its first WebOS-based smart TV at the CES trade show in January,” Newman reports. “LG acquired WebOS from HP last January with plans to use the software in smart TVs, but the company didn’t go into details. WebOS wasn’t originally designed for televisions, and it’s unclear what a smart TV adaptation might look like. Now, it appears that we’ll get our first look next month.”

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“Speaking at a semiconductor event in Seoul, Korea, LG researcher Hong Sung-pyo also said LG is going to revive Palm / HP’s Enyo development efforts. Enyo is an open-source JavaScript framework for cross-platform applications, and it appears that LG will ask third parties to develop applications using Enyo,”Aaron Souppouris reports for The Verge. “As to why LG feels the need to develop a brand new smart TV operating system, Hong says that, despite improvements to LG’s TV current operating system, Netcast, many users aren’t fully utilizing the smart functionalities of their televisions. It’s hoped that webOS will offer a better experience and encourage people to use LG’s software over a third-party box like an Apple TV.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What’s that undead orphan going to get into next?

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  1. WebOS was dead and gone. It died when HP decided to withdraw the TouchPad from the market and decided to sell WebOS to LG instead of open sourcing it. It never made it out of the gate as the new Palm OS because Palm died a premature death. There’s a reason for that which was that it couldn’t compete with iOS devices.

    The laughable part of this is that even before LG decided to revive WebOS, some idiot within Apple (not naming names but it’s a British bloke) decided to copy the card swipe up to dismiss the app from WebOS and implement that into iOS 7. It doesn’t add anything of course, other than a bit of eye candy. What it does add is a lot of inconvenience because the alignment between the app floats between its mirror image on the taskbar and the app itself so swiping up to dismiss can be a bit of a hit or miss affair. I far preferred the old way of pushing on the close button on the app to dismiss that was implemented on the original iPhone OS but of course knowing the Brit, who shall remain unnamed, eye candy comes before functionality.

    What an idiot he is for bringing back dead tech that should have remained dead and buried.

    1. So confusing…. First you indicate that WebOS is dead and buried. Then you bitch about ??? Jony because you do not like part of iOS 7??
      Then you combine the two by indicating that he brought back WebOS?????

      Just so confusing and weird…

      Just a thought.

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