Apple patent application reveals sapphire flexible transparent display devices created with Liquidmetal

“This morning Patently Apple discovered a killer patent application from Apple that was published in Europe,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Apple’s killer invention describes flexible wraparound displays for a possible future iPhone and/or other devices,” Purcher reports. “The patent describes sapphire and transparent displays used in a form factor created by an alumina powder liquidmetal process. Apple further describes some very interesting applications taking advantage of this kind of continuous wraparound display that could be ideal for a future wristband computer that we reported on earlier this year.”

Purcher reports, “Without a doubt, this patent application is one of the best of the year… Another Liquidmetal patent was also published today in the US under number 20130333165 titled ‘Fastener made of Bulk Amorphous Alloy.'”

Read more, and see Apple’s patent application illustrations and diagrams, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. I wonder how Samsung is going to rip this off. It’s funny, so many anti-Americans just love to say how us ‘dumb Yanks’ never created anything useful. How is this for useful: The 4 inventions in am going to list are all American and YOU use them all the time:
    2001-MP3 Player
    2010-Tablet computer
    All but one were invented by Apple, and I am sickened at how slavish those Korean copiers are. Their anti-Americanism is also disgusting too, seeing as how, at one point, Psy ‘Gangnam Style’ has made an anti-American song called “Dear America” back in 2004. I say boycott Samsung, and basically anything from Korea until they get their act together.

    1. I’m a big Apple fan but I don’t think they truly invented any of those things. Apple perfected them and made them main stream. And don’t feel victimised by South Korea, China etc just because you’re American. They rip everyone off, not just you! Anti-Americanism comes from your neglect of human rights, refusal to tackle climate change, causing a global financial meltdown, a complete ignorance of the rest of the world in general, etc. but the British will always have a soft spot for you and everyone loves your films and TV.

      1. Climate change has been happening 4 times a year since before you were born.

        Stop parroting about things which you have absolutely no knowledge

        Jesus H. Christ, you can go through climate change just climbing up decent mountain.

        1. I don’t think they were talking about the type of climate change you experience at the top of a mountain at the United Nations Warsaw Climate Change Conference last month, but then again I wasn’t there.

    2. According to the US they invented everything. Guess what? Ive is british, most of the people in the patents that Apple applies for originate from asia and europe. Steve had Sirian blood. In fact even you have blood from (my guess would be) europe.

      Here’s what the US does; They identify someone who is about to do something of significance, be it an athlete or some academic, and they simply offer him US citizenship. Most times it works.

      1. Let’s all stop with jingo-isms. The peoples of the US or any other country are not some monolithic block. There are are a wide range of attitudes in all countries. Let’s focus on 90% of commonality betwixt us rather than the 10% of differences. I am embarrassed as human being by the idiotic rancor and flamewars between people here that if they met in a bar or pub would likely hit it off just fine.

  2. At least you admit to liking our stuff. I just can’t remember the last time a British software company took the world by storm. I am thinking of Ubuntu, but that basically looks like a Mac rip-off, right down to the dock, which you guys sneakily positioned to the left side. And don’t get me started on Ubuntu Phone! Now if that isn’t a slavish rip off of iOS, then I don’t know what is. Thankfully, that is in extreme beta, and will possibly never get to the point of Android Gingerbread quality. Sorry, but until your country hosts an Apple-like company, we just can’t take your IT industry seriously.

    1. I like a lot about the US, and there’s a lot I don’t like. But I have a 2 close friends who are American and I’ve visited lots of times. I loved Chicago, San Francisco, Portland Oregon, and who couldn’t love Disney World Florida! Didn’t like New York much though. I don’t think it matters particularly whether or not Americans take our “IT industry” seriously or not. ARM is British and in every iPhone and iPad. Grand Theft Auto is Scottish. There’s 2 wins for our IT industry!

    2. So, who do you think created the ARM processors that Apple use in all their mobile devices?
      Where do you think the company that developed the stir-welding process that Apple uses for all the iMac cases is based?
      And how about the HTTP protocol that allowed ARPANET to become the Internet?
      I’ll give you a small clue; it’s not America.

  3. 1981 PC = First IBM PC. Apple II came out before that, but wasn’t called PC.
    2001 MP3 player = I had Creative Nomads before this. They predate the iPod.
    2007 = iPhone. I had a Handspring Treo (drop in thing in the back, remember those?) clear back around 2003. First smartphone I owned that would sync with a computer. Not even the first smartphone.
    2010 Tablet computer: Microsoft had a tablet OS and such clear back in the early 2000s. They were a niche market and few actually liked them. Enter 2010 with the iPad and everything’s on its ear.

    Apple only created the PC before PC was even a word. Otherwise, Apple did just as markbriton said: perfected and made mainstream. It’s arguable whether Apple originally defined what a tablet computer was with the Newton. In any case that definition in the dictionary now appears as a picture of an iPad.

  4. Get the feeling Apple is working on something as crazy in design as their Mac Pro tower? it’s not a design patent, so it’s the concept that they’re presenting and it sounds hot, whatever they have up their sleeve.

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