The human side of home automation with smart LED lighting

“Our homes should be comfortable but not mundane. They should nurture and inspire,” Apple Gazette reports. “They should be as personal and easy to modify as a playlist or profile pic and as creative as our imagination allows. Home automation is a giant step in this direction.”

“LED lighting is developing at a rapid pace, as chips become cheaper and people clammer for lighting that is attractive and environmentally friendly (LEDs have no mercury, no lead and draw very low power),” Apple Gazette reports. “In keeping with this trend, LED lighting has been a successful category for Kickstarter. LumiLife was recently featured on the crowdfunding site’s home page and continues to gain support.. The LumiLife system consists of two separate, easy-to-use parts: a portable rechargeable globe and a wave-shaped lighted base with built-in charging dock. The absence of cords, as well as the 8-hour battery life, frees people to take their lighting experience anywhere. The low heat emitted by LEDs allows you to easily hold the glowing globe in your hands – you can literally touch light and color.”

“Smart homes will significantly change the way we live, and widespread home automation is around the corner, like it or not,” Apple Gazette reports. “But as we strive to make our homes more efficient and convenient through automation, it’s critical that we retain the personal, the human, the natural.”

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      1. LOL…good catch. Was writing on my iPad at the Dr office, and got called in just as I finished writing. Didn’t have time to double check it, so just hit Post and missed the auto-correct. 🙂

    1. Isn’t a clammer someone who eats clams?

      Years ago we were all eating bearded clams but now-a-days it’s bearded clams are extremely rare.

      Save the bearded clams. Who’s with me?

  1. Until my light silently floats above me, following me wherever I go (Dune), then I’m happy with fixed lighting. I’m not going to carry a light around the house with me.

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