Samsung tries to silence user whose Galaxy S4 phone caught fire

“Oh Samsung, you tried to have a YouTube video pulled after it showed a Galaxy S4 that caught fire while charging but this is about to blow up in your PR and legal teams face after you sent a ‘hush’ document to the user,” Brad Sams reports for Neowin.

“YouTube user GhostlyRich posted a video on YouTube in early December that showed that his Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire while charging. While the battery did not explode (thankfully) you can clearly see the charging port is burnt,” Sams reports. “To no surprise, a burnt charging point rendered the device useless and seeing that the Phone is still under warranty, you would think Samsung would simply exchange the device and make good with the consumer to fix the issue.”

Sams reports, “Wrong. What Samsung has done, foolishly, is sent the user a document saying that they will exchange his defective device only after he pulls his initial video from YouTube.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung’s Android phone sales are exploding.

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  1. It is almost painful to watch Samsung operate as a business. I imagine that their senior leadership are sitting in a room right now trying to figure out why their hush up letter wasn’t hailed as ‘the next big thing!’

  2. Looks like nothing has changed. I had my Samsung Omnia melt my car cradle because it was so hot but Samsung refused to acknowledge it was a problem. Smoke and an orange glow is normal they said after 17 returns in 4 months. So I drove to Sydney with my welding gloves walked inside Samsung HQ and handed the phone to the front desk, she dropped it onto the carpet where it burnt the carpet. I then proclaimed “I was told this is normal operating conditions”. 30 minutes later I had a new phone and traded it in the next day for an iPhone 3GS…….NEVER LOOKED BACK!!

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