Walmart to offer prepaid iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c via Straight Talk, Net10

“TracFone has announced that it will be offering prepaid iPhone 5s and 5c handsets, sold through the company’s Net10 and Straight Talk brands,” MacNN reports. “The iPhone 5c will sell for $549 with 16GB of storage and the standard range of color choices, while the 16GB iPhone 5s fetches $649 in gray, silver or gold.”

“Straight Talk currently offers a no-contract 30-day plan with unlimited talk, text and data (throttled after 2.5GB) for $45 per month,” MacNN reports. “Net10 offers family plans that start at $50 for the first line and $40 for each additional line…”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. I suppose you enjoy getting raped by your wireless phone company?

      I have no love for Walmart, but when the main wireless companies screw you by including most of the phone price in your monthly fee, but then don’t lower that fee when the phone is paid off, they make StraightTalk look good. Yeah, the biggies are experimenting with separating the phone from the service on your bill, but it’s not mainstream.

  1. Walmart is for, uh, how to put it diplomatically, uh, well, certain demographic groups who consistently vote Democrat. Or, to put it another way, people who Press 1 for English, and “teens” and/or “youths” that play the knockout “game” on white people.

    So, I guess you can buy an iPhone with an EBT card nowadays. It just warms the heart.

    1. Don’t forget about the slaves that make the crap that Walmart sells.

      Don’t forget that those slaves that work 15 hr days, 6 days a week living in company subsidized housing that cost these workers a large part of their already meager wages.

      Don’t forget about US companies having to move overseas so they can sell their products to Walmart at a cost they could not otherwise afford costing the US jobs and tax revenue.

      Don’t forget about Walmart placing collection boxes in stores for its own employees asking customers to help maintain its own workers as they are so grossly under paid.

      Don’t forget Walmart employees having to rely on public assistance because they are so poorly paid costing cities in terms of aid and lost tax revenue.

      Greed creates and maintains poverty for it’s own destructive benefit.


  2. Straight Talk is a reseller of AT&T and T-Mobile, same towers, same service yet at a much reduced rate. AT&T monthly payment $75+ to Straight Talk $45. Politics aside, money in my wallet talks.

    1. No, Straighttalk uses Att and Verizon. All the ST iPhone 5 inventory at my local Walmart uses Verizon’s network. I was just there tonight to see if they were yet marking down the iPhone 5 ahead of Friday’s launch as my sister-in-law is in a rural area where only Verizon has a tower close by.

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