Horace Deidu: Apple success all about customer loyalty

Horace Deidu, managing director/founder at Asymco, talks about customer loyalty to Apple products on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


Direct link to video here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Flash-only video? Seriously? In late 2013? On an anti-Flash, pro-Mac website? Why bother even posting this? I have no way to see it even if I wanted!

    (I could yes Chrome on my Mac but ugh.)

    1. Hmmmm, OK but I say he is wrong..

      Its not blind customer loyalty that makes and keeps Apple buyers. Consider, that its

      Great products Look great Work great
      Great customer service. way too many tales to give here.
      Free and nearly free updates
      A strong consideration for the customer FIRST.

      Many companies try to buy customer loyalty. Customer cards, discounts, special shopping days, free shipping. etc
      But the items and service are still the same old crappy stuff.

      Just saying. These anal…..ysts just do not get it.

    2. Indeed, Horace is the most scientific commenter of note on the ‘device market’; he makes his points based on graphical analysis of pertinent data and uses this to defend his conclusions.

  2. I say it’s quality products that makes Apple successful. There’s a priority here – we’re not loyal to Apple unless they keep making quality stuff.

    It’s not marketing.
    It’s not price.
    It’s not fanboy mess. Lemming style.

    Nope – it IS quality. Software and hardware. Done.

  3. Analysts never want to come out and actually say that one product is better than another. They believe that it will make them appear biased. On the contrary: It would make them appear clever.

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