Apple starts online sales of iPad mini with Retina display, no in-store pickup available

“Apple on Tuesday finally put the iPad mini with Retina display up for order through its Online Apple Store, springing the tablet on customers after going over three weeks without announcing a firm launch date,” AppleInsider reports.

“Instead of announcing the launch publicly, Apple quietly kicked off online sales at midnight Pacific in the U.S., indicating supply levels may not be high enough to sustain an expect influx of early adopters,” AppleInsider reports. “Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at possibly tight inventory in late October, saying, ‘It’s unclear whether we will have enough for the quarter or not.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Surprise, surprise, surprise!

MacDailyNews Note: Currently, all iPad mini models are listed with shipping of 5-10 business days except for the 16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi-only models which still have shipping times of 1-3 business days.


    1. Cancel that delivery date. I paid for two day shipping but the “Thank You” email states shipping between November 26 to December 4. Oh, for any samdung trolls, Apple credited back the extra $16 shipping charge. I can wait, I hope.

  1. Tim Cook will resurrect the surprise element that was attacked and destroyed for a while. He promised doubling down on secrecy and has already pulled a nice few surprises that took the idiot analists and pundits by “surprise”. In fact some didn’t even notice… Haha

  2. A lot of so-called secrecy breaches are nothing more than naked guesses made by legions of bloggers, pundits, web “journalists”, Wall Street “analysts”, and basically pretty much anyone who wants to venture an opinion. With enough guesses, some may eventually appear “true”, when in fact they were nothing more than lucky guesses. Plus, I’ve noticed most “reveals” do not provide much information: they don’t really spoil the surprise Apple has in store for us. For example, seeing a snapshot of an empty device frame might titillate some, but honestly does not reveal much, when virtually all the innovation is contained in the stuff that go inside the frame, like the chip. So the issue is not so much Apple, as the fact that there is an industry of gawkers, pundits, and “analysts” seeking to make a living, or a name, off some lucky guesses. It is not news, it is not industry intelligence, it is not espionage, it is not a leak. It is entertainment.

    1. For all their “people in the know”, how many analysts correctly predicted that iPhone 5S would be going 64 bit ?

      There were any number of predictions about what to expect with the new iPhone, and most of them concerned stuff that could be deduced from leaked pictures of the case, or what sort of screen or camera to expect. The 64 bit processor and operating system came as a big surprise.

  3. Just ordered mine, 16GB wifi space gray, set to deliver on Nov.20th. Went off without a hitch. I thought I would have to get up at midnight and didn’t even know it was available, good thing I checked this morning!

    1. 16GB? Is it too late to cancel that order? You’ve hamstrung yourself badly. You’ll be constantly cursing your mini over lack of space (but you should be cursing yourself). Remember my post. You brought this upon yourself.

      1. Oh come off it! I’ve just ordered my 16gb Space Gray, delivery on 21st (I am so vibrating with excitement!). I don’t watch movies on my iPad3, and I use it almost exclusively in a WiFi environment, so I my stream music. I’m not alone. 16Gb is perfectly fine, and I can assure I won’t be constantly cursing my mini!

  4. Well, I appreciate your concern, I guess. I don’t load my iPad up with superfluous apps. Nice and clean, and just what I need. So I have plenty of space (gray) Plus, I have a 1TB wireless seagate external, so your point in my situation is moot.

  5. Why do the cellular models cost always so much more than the wifi only models?

    The cell models probably have some extra ICs in there but I doubt that they cost Apple an extra $130.

  6. I ordered mine online this morning, went into the store but was told that they still apparently had no idea when they were going to be sold in store, the sales assistant made me feel as though she was doing me a favour by letting me purchase one, I handed over what little amount of dignity i had left from the last time i queued outside to buy the latest iPhone and left the store. Welcome to the wonderful world of Apple Inc!

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