GlobalFoundries to produce Apple A-series chips in Upstate New York fab

GlobalFoundries is preparing to make chips for Apple’s iPhone and iPad at its Fab 8 complex in Malta, according to a source close to the company,” Larry Rulison reports for The Albany Times Union.

“Samsung Electronics, which currently makes the logic microprocessors used in Apple’s popular iPhone and iPad devices at its Austin, Texas fab, will help with the start-up of the Apple program, ensuring that Apple will have a second U.S. source for chips for the popular smart phones and tablets,” Rulison reports. “Last week, the Times Union published stories that Samsung would be playing a role at Fab 8 and that it would utilize the new $2 billion Technology Development Center that GlobalFoundries is building next to its current chip factory, known as Fab 8.1 The TDC will be used by GlobalFoundries and its customers to develop and perfect new chip designs and manufacturing processes before they go into full-scale production. The 565,000 square-foot facility is under construction and expected to be completed late next year.”

“A small team from Samsung is going to come to Fab 8 with Apple’s chip-making ‘recipies.’ Samsung will help GlobalFoundries set up the manufacturing processes at Fab 8 that will be needed to make the chips. It is unclear if that process will begin before the TDC is completed,” Rulison reports. “It’s unclear if GlobalFoundries will be making the chips with Samsung as the customer on behalf of Apple, or if Apple will be the direct customer, with Samsung helping set up the operation to mirror what it does in Austin. Either way, Apple will be the ultimate customer. And there is no indication that Samsung’s Apple production will cease in Austin.”

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  1. It’s good to see Apple bring more and more production to the US…we need the jobs and an it’s only right that American-designed product should have “Made In USA” on it.

    1. Born, raised and continue to live in the US, as I have done for 67 years.

      It is good that Apple seeks out the best vendors for its needs, without regard to country of origin. Otherwise its products wouldn’t be world leaders, and we’d be buying RAZRs from Google.

  2. Cook is interesting:
    His testimony to Congress was brilliant; he deftly handled initial calls for stock buybacks and stock dividends; his team rolls out significant product advances; his legal team is pushing back the bad guys; he is re-shaping his management team; there have been significant strategic acquisitions; he doesn’t build junk. Carl Icahn should ask for an autograph and move on because that’s all he’ll get.

    I wouldn’t want to play poker with Cook.

  3. Total fucking waste of time. You have two hardware dickheads who understand nothing about software fucking up iOS 7. Fuck you Ive you fucking British twerp.

    1. Of course, if you can do better than do it and show us how it’s done………

      Otherwise shut the fuck up binky……, you have no right to bitch unless you can do better and have the ability n balls to make it happen.

      Apple has a long history of breaking the norm ( even if it’s one they created ) and making it better one step at a time ….

      If you don’t like it then go on….. Androids waiting just for you.

      Perspective is a valuable thing…… Go get some.

  4. Many, many, years ago, Apple embedded a little icon in the Apple ][ rom that showed up as “Stolen from Apple” — it nailed a knock-off from Russia back then. Maybe they need to revisit that in the A4s if Samsung has even the most tenuous connection…

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