iPhone 5s shipping times hit 1-2 weeks worldwide as Apple begins to catch up to demand

“Shipping times on the iPhone 5s have improved great[ly] worldwide, as noted by iGen,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac.

“Following the phone’s launch, supplies were heavily constrained and shipping times lagged,” Beasley reports. “Apple seems to have finally caught up with the demand for its latest smartphone, however, as global shipping times today are down to just one or two weeks.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. What kind of idiot thinks a wait of as much as two weeks is “catching up with demand”. A wait of 24-48 HOURS is catching up with demand.

    It’s been over two months since the announcement and Apple still has wait times for up to two weeks? This is supposed to be a good thing?

    MDN and others can say all they want that people wanting an iPhone will wait for one. Some will. MANY won’t. They walk into a carrier’s store or such and the salesman says, “Why wait for an iPhone. Here’s an Android phone from XXX company. It’s just as good and the “specs” are better! Besides, you can walk out of here with it TODAY! Why wait?”

    Absolutely no one knows how many sales Apple is losing. But, I’d be shocked if it is a small number of sales lost. Even when both Apple phones and non Apple phones are sitting on the shelf, we know that many, many salespeople guide the customers to the non Apple phones. This makes that much, much easier for them to do.

        1. I wish I could agree but my first gen iPad is barely useably due to Safari crashing whenever I choose a complicated website. Apps work OK but web browsing is slow at best and the crashes are ridiculous. I can only assume that Apple knows and chooses to not fix iOS 5.

    1. Phones are not bought by the average consumer like a specialy car or a house,…. They buy when they need and most are not informed consumers, they rely on the retailer. Unfortunate but true and those other phones are spiffed and the profits better, the reps for the other phones work hard supporting their phones so training to sell competition is better. The average sales person is doing what they should the motto is sell what you got. And by most consumers standards they feel they are getting a great phone and they are getting it when they want it. Tiered of their old phone they are happy. The belittling of consumers they don’t buy Apple on this blog always annoys me, they aren’t dumb they just ended up with a different phone. I’m glad that there are competitors out there, I wish there were more. That makes Apple still fun to own. If everyone had one it would be dull.

      1. Tough post to read, but I generally agree with Reech’s comments. I particularly like the way he stated:

        “The belittling of consumers [that] don’t buy Apple on this blog always annoys me, they aren’t dumb they just ended up with a different phone.”

        We are not going to improve Apple’s reputation or successfully lead people away from the “dark side” by belittling them for their choice of platform while simultaneously refusing to admit any shortcomings in our choices. Android and high-end Android handsets (mostly Samsung, but others are making a play for the high end, as well) have reportedly improved over the last few years. They have had time to refine the Android OS and copy other features of the iOS ecosystem, such as the App Store.

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