Apple activates iTunes donation system for Philippines Typhoon Haiyan relief

Apple has activated iTunes ability to collect donations for the American Red Cross in relief efforts following the devastating Typhoon Haiyan in The Philippines.

Apple iTunes' Typhone  Haiyan donations for The Philippines

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  1. Apple collects all this money, we don’t get a tax credit…..Apple does since the donation to the Red Cross comes from Apple.

    Nice gesture to collect money, certainly for those in dire need, but I don’t need Apple doing so to take advantage of a tax break using other people’s money.

    Borderline unethical.

    1. I don’t think Apple can claim this as a tax credit. The money goes directly to the Red Cross and Apple does not charge the usual 30% handling fee.
      If you document the payment you should still be able to submit it as a charitable donation. However if you are concerned about it then donate directly to the charity.

        1. Actually, you’re wrong on both counts.
            • You can claim a tax credit using the email generated by the ‘purchase’ as written documentation.
            • Apple is acting as the transfer agent and is not eligible for any tax benefits from the transaction.
          You are right that it’s a nice gesture. Take advantage of it, or make a donation directly to the Red Cross Haiyan Relief Fund.

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