Burberry’s Angela Ahrendts makes a smart move to Apple

“Angela Ahrendts’ new job as head of Apple retail is her first gig outside of fashion. Given the Burberry CEO’s digital knowhow and Apple’s move toward wearable technology, it’s a natural fit,” Patricia Sellers writes for Fortune. “In recruiting Burberry (BURBY) CEO Angela Ahrendts to head its retail and online unit, Apple (AAPL) is acquiring a design fanatic, a digital evangelist, and a master of millennial marketing.”

“The move looks to be a win for Apple and a loss for the once-stuffy British luxury retailer, which has transformed remarkably since Ahrendts took charge in 2006,” Sellers writes. “Building on a turnaround set off by her predecessor Rose Marie Bravo, Ahrendts has expanded Burberry into a hip brand globally and has more than tripled the company’s stock-market value to $11.3 billion”

Angela Ahrendts
Angela Ahrendts
“Apple’s $18.8 billion retail operation is six times the size of Burberry. And in her new job, Ahrendts will be contending with the challenges of rapid growth and how to keep it going,” Sellers writes. “Samsung and Microsoft have been encroaching on Apple’s retail dominance. [Pfft. – MDN Ed.] Meantime, Apple has struggled in China — a critical growth market where Burberry has scored big.”

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    1. Yea, my thoughts too.

      Not to mention a paid Samscum reporter: “Samsung and Microsoft have been encroaching on Apple’s retail dominance…”

      What drugs has Patricia been taking?

  1. I saw a little bracket thingy you could attach with the screws on the case of an iPhone 4, then put a ribbon through it and wear it around your neck. Maybe that is what she’s thinking of.

  2. New roles, international expansion, unparalleled growth, new horizons.

    Apple Inc. Is turning into the American Worldwide Consumer Electronics Giant, of yesterday’s Sony magnitude.

  3. Not long after Angela Ahrendts arrives at Apple and snaps her fingers, I expect a rapid overhaul of the online storefront, with social media integration and a tighter integration of the back end with the brick and mortar facilities. In terms of Apple’s objective of providing consumer delight to build customer loyalty, there is no substitute for face-to-face experience, but for consumers located far from the facilities, vicarious experience is almost as good a hook. She’s already had some of this social connectivity done at Burberry; I’d like to see the Apple version.

    But that will be the easier part. Opening more retail centers is the proven formula for extending Apple’s reach and sustaining growth through both outreach and retention. Fortunately she’ll have a CEO who thoroughly understands this and won’t be squinchy about the bankroll. Tim Cook will have her back.

  4. She has style, class and is very attractive. Definitely potential next CEO material when Tim Cook decides to hangup his coat.

    She’s gonna take style to a new level at apple – and yes I think it’s all about wearable embedded technology.

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