Patentgate: Judge now feels sanctions against Samsung and its lawyers are warranted

“A few days before the Apple v. Samsung limited damages retrial in the Northern District of California, there is again some news concerning the ‘Patentgate’ scandal over improper disclosures of highly confidential business information from Apple’s license agreements with other parties including Nokia, Ericsson, Sharp, and Philips by Samsung’s lawyers to their client,” Florian Müller reports for FOSS Patents. “It now appears likely that Samsung and its ouside lawyers from the Quinn Emanuel firm will be sanctioned, but only after the retrial: a further hearing has been scheduled for December 9, 2013. Originally the court aimed to resolve the matter ahead of the retrial.”

“This doesn’t look good for Samsung,” Müller writes. “After Judge Grewal recently declared himself unconvinced of the need for sanctions, I thought Samsung and its lawyers might get away with what they’ve done, but now they are under reasonably serious pressure again. The Northern District of California is not the only venue in which the Patentgate affair could lead to sanctions. An Apple motion for sanctions is also pending at the ITC, and Justice Annabelle Bennett of the Federal Court of Australia recently appeared to be losing her patience with Samsung in this context.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. For a while it seemed lady justice had forgotten to cover her eyes and instead was covering her ears. With this development it seems she is now covering one eye and one ear.

    “,,,,,,That’s right… slowly, take the remaining hand on your other ear……. and put it over the other eye”.

  2. Time is the key here. Samsung will try and postpone as long as possible. If they lose, they will appeal as many times as they can.
    Patent law is a joke for the electronics industry. The innovation is so fast that patent disputes rarely achieve anything except line the pockets of the lawyers.

  3. At this late date, does it really matter any more? Samsung has been stealing Apple’s lunch for so long that Apple has lost many sales while Android gained market traction. The courts can’t turn back time but they may be able to dissuade companies from using other’s IP without permission.

    1. Yes it does matter for a number of reasons including once Apple prevails on this front they can quickly move to newer devices that infringe and get import bans and damages …..

      Now that the Justice Systems, around the world, sees SamScum tricks they are clamping down …. The EU has both SamSumg and Giggles under investigation ….. Remember what happen to Martha Stewart
      , governments don’t like being lied too and used …. Both if these criminal companies will see their day in court, count on it!

  4. ‘Patent Law’, is patently ‘ineffectual’ and or ‘unenforceable’ and has been found wanting time and time again. What a proverbial joke the whole situation has become!

  5. like to remind that :

    The UK Judge Sir Robin Jacob who forced Apple to apologize in print (in a typeface size specified by him) to Samsung when Apple ‘lost’ it’s patent case was later hired by Samsung.

    I’m not saying the current judge is equal to Sir robin’s moral standards but just to illustrate that Samsung in everything it does will do anything to win (from IP theft to astro Turfing)….

  6. Judge a lady. USA a lady. We hold down do so we like. She shut mou, we have much good time do we like shut mou stay down lady. Come take dawah shut mou. Here you take dawah.

  7. Bad Press and the little nicks here and there, especially now the Steve Jobs Patent was upheld and strengthened, will eat away at both SamScum and Android ……

    It won’t be long before Android is no longer developed, Giggle is moving towards Crome and we see Tizan from SamScum along with their own APPS …. Both Companies see the writing on the wall …..

    In the next few months we will see more import bans go into effect ….

    Apple isn’t even close to done with this criminal corporation and all their lying and thieving is catching up to them!

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