Apple’s Siri chief defects to Samsung to build ‘SAMI’ connected device platform

“The engineer who oversaw development of Apple’s Siri technology is now at Samsung building an online service for linking together the ‘Internet of things,'” James Niccolai reports for IDG News Service.

“Luc Julia, a vice president at Samsung’s innovation lab in Menlo Park, California, demonstrated the project, called SAMI, or the Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions, at a conference north of San Francisco on Friday,” Niccolai reports. “Still in its early stages, SAMI aims to be a platform that can collect data from any connected device, including wearable computers like the Fitbit, and make that data available for consumption by other devices.”

“To demonstrate the service, Julia showed how SAMI might be used to build a personal health service,” Niccolai reports. “In Siri-like fashion, he also asked the service, ‘SAMI, how am I doing?’ The app told him he had reached his exercise goal for the day. The idea is that it could do more sophisticated analysis, such as telling him when he needs to train harder or take a break.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Luc Julia, who replaced Dag Kittlaus, Siri’s co-founder and chief executive, as Apple’s head of Siri, lasted just 10 months at Apple before exiting in 2012. How much “development of Siri” did he really oversee?

“SAMI, why couldn’t I cut it at Apple? And, SAMI, why does everyone hate Benedict Arnold?”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Len W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Pretty cool project, now apple has to push their Siri to work better and be more usable. This functionality is pretty smart idea. I hope apple can improve on this idea and make a better service that can deliver these services. Apples not as much an innovator as much as it’s been a product and concept improvement and design company. So I have confidence Apple will trump this SAMI project with hardware and software that works as good or better. It won’t be first to deliver as usual, but it will be the Apple version that will be successful. Apples adoption rates seem to eclipse samsungs technologies no matter how good samsungs efforts are, they are just not Apple and that drives Samsung crazy. Competition is great for product development, I’m glad samsungs pushing it, it gives Apple something to concern themselves.

  2. So he only lasted 10 months, or he only needed to stay 10 months to get access to all of Apple’s research and Apple’s roadmap in this area? Some apples have worms, but Apple has moles!

    1. I would hope that Apple is more heavily silo-ed than that. He was in charge of Siri, but truthfully was not talented enough to develop its core technologies out enough. Apple still doesn’t have it’s own voice recognition tech, and the latency on the Siri’s decision parsing was horrible on Apple’s end. They probably have multiple crack teams trying to fix bugs, create new features and speed things up. It’s a massive job though because Apple’s stuff is all in Java for the semantic parsing. Which is fine until they start using it to do basic string parsing and tokenization (if they are doing it at all). Let’s hope there are some go-getters waiting in the wings.

      1. How very clever. Comparing passionate fans of Apple to Islamic extremists. You are a satirist in the tradition of Zune Tang and Jimmy Choo. Please, give us more. Hey, maybe you can even get your own talk show, like Leno, Fallon, or maybe even O’Reilly.

          1. The US Congress, Senate, and President all read from the same Constitution, and look what happened recently. Greeks read from the same book that Jews did and look what happened.

    1. And how would Apple enforce such a clause? These clauses are practically meaningless to one with no integrity. I guess Luc will never submit his CV to Apple, but that bridge has already burned right?

      1. Stop spreading the Apple FUD. You know (and everyone in the Galaxy knows) that Samsung’s garbage, plastic phones for Hee Haw Hicks that don’t know any better, are objectively garbage. I bet you are one of the Hee Haw demograms, if not a Samsung Shill.

          1. It is also a term used by smug, self righteous hipsters and liberals use to askew people in the south, a racist term they throw about to make themselves feel superior to at least someone.
            They would never use a similar term to describe blacks, asians or any other ethnic group.

            1. botvinnik, I think the term was invented by MDN to capture the characteristics of certain commodity consumers — gullible, penny-pinching, undiscerning Android customers, for the most part.

              Probably appropriated from the eponymous early seventies TV show loaded with comedy sketches ridiculing the stupidity of unsophisticated bumpkins.

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