Apple expressed interest in beleaguered BlackBerry’s IP; board rejected proposals to break up company, sources say

“BlackBerry Ltd’s board does not believe a break-up of the Canadian smartphone maker is currently in its best interests, even though Microsoft Corp, Apple Inc and Lenovo Group Ltd, among others, have expressed interest in acquiring parts of the company, according to people familiar with the discussions,” Greg Roumeliotis and Euan Rocha report for Reuters. “The board rejected proposals from several technology companies for various BlackBerry assets on grounds that a break-up did not serve the interest of all stakeholders, which include employees, customers and suppliers in addition to shareholders, said the sources, who did not want to be identified as the discussions were confidential.”

“Microsoft and Apple had both expressed interest in BlackBerry’s intellectual property and patents, a source briefed on the matter told Reuters. In 2011, the three companies had teamed up with others to buy patents from bankrupt Canadian telecoms company Nortel.,” Roumeliotis and Rocha report. “BlackBerry had also held discussions with Cisco Systems Inc, Google Inc and Chinese computer maker Lenovo, among others, about selling all, or parts of itself.”

Roumeliotis and Rocha report, “The board was also concerned that any deal involving foreign companies would be closely scrutinized by the Canadian government in an extended review process, the sources said, prolonging uncertainty and making it harder for BlackBerry to stem customer losses.”

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  1. What’s this, a story that reports that Apple was invested in Blackberry’s Intellectual Property. Wow, from Reuters on top of that, imagine an article that is reporting some facts. I’m sure glad that’s cleared up, the way some analyst would have you believe that the Blackberry Brand was where the pot of gold was. Thank goodness Apple did not look at that.

    1. Exactly it’s its intellectual property rights, specific technology and patents that have considerable value NOT the brand which has little and declining all the time. The idea that you would or would want to pay billions for that brand and not the former is laughable. But either way the only likely scenario would involve buying the company itself or wait till they fall apart and bid for the bits, or the rights to those bits you want.

  2. Blackberry’s business related products/software and customers can be a landslide of product adoption for the highest bidder. Blackberry is they key to full dominance in the business sector

    1. Let’s face it, any hope of resurrecting BB/RIM, was scotched by the years of inactivity fostered ENTIRELY by lack of leadership at the very top and in the boardroom.

      They couldn’t get a business partner, business customers, retail customers or buyout offers once the truly valuable people left and went elsewhere.

      I never understood how the 2007 board of directors have avoided public ongoing humiliation or worse.

      As a product designer, I can ‘see’ the RIM engineers and designers watching the Jobs Jan. 2007 Keynote and going “RIM has to move to full screen devices now.”

      Had I been at RIM & seen zero activity, I would have headed to Apple instantly.

  3. Apple should try to make a bid for the whole company at a price to Apple’s advantage. Apple will get all that money back in the long run because of Blackberry’s email technology. That will be a big jump on the others and then the iPhone and iPad will make a bigger step into the business market.

  4. I only like the prospect of Apple buying BlackBerry for the simple reason that no one else will be able to get at those patents. I’d like to see Apple build a moat as wide and as deep as it can. If Samsung or Google got their hands on it I’d be very, very disappointed. I know Wall Street would reward Google greatly if it acquired BlackBerry because investors would see it as a critical move. As an Apple shareholder, I’d tell Apple to bid high for BlackBerry IP. Apple’s cash reserve is more than they’ll need anytime soon. If they’re not going to give me higher dividends then I’d rather them use it for acquisitions. $3.5B should be next to nothing for Apple to purchase BlackBerry.

    Damn, Microsoft wants a piece of BlackBerry after they just bought Nokia. MS must really be getting desperate or they just want to prevent rivals from getting a greater advantage with BB patents.

    The only negative thing would be that Apple would basically have to shut down BB hardware operations and more employees would be out of jobs unless they could come to work for Apple.

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