Amid supply constraints, most plentiful ‘Space Gray’ iPhone 5s, blue iPhone 5c were most popular colors in U.S.

“According to new color preference data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), Apple’s space gray iPhone 5s was the most popular choice for consumers in the United States, followed by the silver and gold models, which is unsurprising given significant supply constraints of the gold and silver iPhones,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“43 percent of iPhone 5s units sold were space gray, while 30 percent were silver and 27 percent were gold,” Clover reports. “Supplies of the space gray model were more readily available than the silver and gold iPhones, but consumers have demonstrated a preference for the black iPhone in the past. ”

Clover reports, “For the iPhone 5c, blue proved to be the most popular choice with 27 percent of purchasers choosing the color, followed closely by white at 25 percent, green at 21 percent, and pink at 20 percent. Apple’s yellow iPhone 5c was the least popular color, purchased by only 7 percent…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of all three iPhone 5s models, the gold ones are the ones people most ask us to see, touch and hold.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Businesses that buy phones for their employees — especially large businesses — are much, much more likely to buy the black (uhh, “Space Gray”) iPhone than any other color. This will always give that variant the edge. Consumers and businesses that actively support BYOD will probably not have that variant be the predominant color, but even in the consumer space the Space Gray model will hold its own.

  1. For the 5C iPhone, most of the AT&T retailers I spoke with said that the green unit was the most sought after. I wonder if it’s supply is constrained similar to this gold 5S?

        1. I hope your AT&T stores aren’t like the Verison staff where someone goes in to buy an iPhone and they are given the hard sell to buy Andriod instead. “Why would you want an iPhone?” is the famous line heard over and over (heard in multiple cities and kiosks (as told to me by friends, relatives, and I’ve tested it myself).

          My step-son is now counting down 3 days away from ending his long torturous “Droid Regret” contract thanks to a Verison Rep. and replacing it with an iPhone like I told him to buy in the first place.

  2. “Space grey” is probably most popular, because it’s the only one that has a black front side. Silver and gold are white. Black looks better, because the “holes” for sensor, camera, and speaker blend in and are less visible in their asymmetrical arrangement. Also, when the screen is off, you don’t see it; it looks more elegant. WIth white, the screen is a big blank rectangle.

    I’ve see quite a few of those blue iPhones while riding the local transit… 🙂

  3. OK.

    I’ve waited patiently for lead times on the 5S to come down.

    After 41 days into shipping and 51 days post announcement and the availability is *still* 2-3 WEEKS?

    It should be less than one week by now and same day well before the end of November. AND, still no in store pickup for most Apple stores for phones ordered on line? When are they going to fix that?

    I was very hopeful that Apple would do a much better job than last year (the fourth calendar quarter ship times across all product lines was truly asinine), but this is not much better. It is barely better. Tim Cook is a supply chain genius, MY ASS!

    Apple does need to get its act together on the production of its most popular products. Some people will wait for an iPhone, but there are many who will not. They walk into an AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or whatever operator and get talked into a different brand of phone simply because it is available. The pitch for the salesman is trivially easy, “Don’t wait for an iPhone when you can have the top of the line XXX phone right now!”

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