Apple slams shut Microsoft’s window of opportunity for Office on iPad

“Apple’s decision to give away its own software for writing documents or spreadsheets and making presentations on an iPad presents a conundrum for Microsoft, whose Office suite is yet to arrive on devices other than its own,” Tim Bradshaw writes for Financial Times. “The software giant has so far held Office back from Apple’s iOS platform as a way to drive sales of its Surface tablet.”

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, that’s working out well, huh?

“However, the Surface has so far failed to achieve anything like the iPad’s success, with unsold inventory of one version causing a $900m writedown in July [Apple recently sold their 170,000,000th iPad – MDN Ed.],” Bradshaw writes. “Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s departing chief executive, has said Office 365, which costs $100 a year, will come to the iPad at some point but he has given no indication when or for what price.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s garbage. Nobody in their right mind wants it. Shove it up your caboose sideways, Monkey Boy.

“Some analysts assert that Microsoft missed its best window of opportunity to bring Office to the iPad, after Apple said on Tuesday that it would give away its rival iWork apps to new customers,” Bradshaw writes. “Analysts say that after Apple cut the iWork suite’s price from $30 to free when a new iPad or iPhone is bought, these apps could be good enough for people not to need to wait for Office. ‘Apple are showing that the software is an addition to the hardware and is something that increases engagement – and they are not charging for it,’ said Carolina Milanesi, mobile analyst at Gartner. ‘They are going to make life more complicated for Microsoft who actually has a business charging for software.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Die Manuresoft, but first suffer crippling, debilitating pain.

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    1. Microsoft can breathe a sigh of relief now that Apple has so totally shot itself in the foot with the castrated iWork applications and the twists and turns to make OSX an iOS wannabee without touchscreen capability in any desktop Mac.

  1. Ironically I use Microsoft Office just about every day and I think the Surface looks attractive. Yet I’m constantly fed up with Microsoft software and every time I see a Surface I know it’s a product that’s been screwed by Microsoft itself.

        1. And the #1 hairless monkey throwing chairs, stomping on iPhones, dancing and gibbering. Sadly, that sideshow will soon end, and the crowds will begin to murmur expectantly, waiting for a replacement vaudeville act that may never materialise. IBMnification lies in Microsoft’s future.

          1. I guess when you just throw features at software without any consideration of interacting with them easily through the interface you get Office. Then when you have to make it a ‘touch first’ version you have quadrupled the problems. Not seeing into the future or caring about was of use has always been their major problem mentally and now it is coming back to bite… and hard.

          1. No, no, no… You have the Microsoft coding protocol only half right. They pick the fleas off each other and incorporate the bugs INTO the code. Don’t you see the beautiful logic and economy of that? It saves time AND bath water. . . not to mention it’s Eco friendly, recycling the fleas. It keeps Greenpeace off their backs. But they are keeping it very hush-hush. . . PETA doesn’t know about the fate of the fleas. Being used in a Microsoft product could probably be considered cruel.

    1. FYI: iWork apps can open and export to MS Office programs. Pages can import/export to MS Word, Keynote can import/export to PowerPoint, and Numbers can import/export to Excel. Apple has made it easy to swap between the two if you want to transition away from MS Office. Heck, even Apple Mail works with Exchange.

      Unless you’re using the more advanced features in MS Office, which the vast majority of people aren’t. Pages is more than adequate for your needs.

      1. Thanks GTDworak. I already knew that about iWork as I’ve purchased iWork in the past. Sadly, my old MacBook Pro stopped working last year so I’m forced to use a Windows laptop until I can get a proper income.

        I’ve still got iWork on my iPad and my iPhone though.

        1. Not to worry, Peter, you can now use iWork in iCloud if you have a Mac, Windows PC, iOS device… If your iPad and iPhone are running iOS 7, you’ll have full file compatibility with them all.

          And free, to boot.

          1. Thanks steveH, I didn’t know I could do that until I read your reply. I’ll have to try it out on my copy of Windows 8.1 Preview. I just wish Apple would update and support Safari for Windows. I hate not being able to afford a Mac right now.

      2. Numbers works so so when importing excel. But it’s much better now with the new update when pulling in spreadsheets from excel. It’s a lot better, still needs to grow up. But numbers is a lot better than the previous version. Yes I repeated myself, I’m that happy with numbers now. yay!

      1. It’s called a Surface because to use it properly, it must be placed on a. . . Ahem. . . surface. Invoking the virtual keyboard is difficult. It really NEEDS the optional ($119) keyboard cover, that requires a flat surface so you can “click” your touchscreen Surface into the keyboard/cover and turn it into a quasi-touchscreen-laptop/netbook using the two position kick-stand. Try balancing all this on your lap while working in your recliner or on your sofa and you’ll quickly move to the desk or dining room table. What happened to the advantage of having a tablet??? Portability? On handed operation???

        When I got my first iPad I bought Apple’s click keyboard accessory for it. NEVER used it. Not once. It was a pain. No thank you to a device that makes one look around for something to lay it on so you can properly use it. Been there done that. Can do still do it with a laptop. . . and Apple makes two excellent ones. The MacBook Air at 2.9 pounds, and now the MacBook Pro at 3.45 pounds. Both will do more and better than the Surface if I want to lay something down on a surface!

      1. Ballmer and Co are so happy about shooting themselves in the foot that they often times brag about their marksmanship. Give each other awards for the most times in one public presentation that they can shoot, reload and shoot again.

        Only at Microsoft-Nokia can some buy a phone that only phones home to a disconnected number.


  2. OpenOffice is much better anyway. Not only is it free in price, but it also is a very stable piece of software. I have managed to be more productive with that office suite than with MS Office.

        1. I liked Neo-Office. They added some nice Mac bells and whistles. But I didn’t donate and i didn’t want to build it from source myself. Then the LibreOffice revolt happened, which I thoroughly endorsed seeing as I hate Oracle for having screwed over both Java and OpenOffice. So I waited until LibreOffice was stable and have been happily ever after, mostly.

          1. I haven’t played with either for quite a while. Does LibreOffice now have anything like Excel’s Solver (which is made by Frontline Solvers, not by Microsoft)? That’s a ‘must have’ for me for implementing the simplex and some nonlinear algorithms.

  3. I might be tooting my own horn here, but word processors, basic image movement (presentation software that is), and mathematical spreadsheets are the some of the most basic things a computer has been able to do since the early 90’s. The fact that windows thinks the programming deserves 100 to 300 bucks per user is ridiculous. OpenOffice, Google Docs, and now iWork are just telling microsoft, “stop using this as your money-maker because its basic code software and we will crush you with basic code.”

  4. I understand that some people really need or like MS Office. But iWork being free on Apple products will cripple the adoption rate of MS Office.

    Revenue equals customers times profit per unit and as both numbers are going down for MS that puts them in a world of hurt.

  5. How is Ballmer going to shove the Surface up there? I’d imagine that it would be very painful, due to the Surface’s large size. All that twerking didn’t help matters either…

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