Samsung forecasts record quarterly profit

“Samsung Electronics, the world’s biggest mobile phone and TV maker, has forecast record profits for the July-to-September quarter. It expects operating profit of 10.1 trillion won ($9.4bn; £5.8bn) for the quarter, a 25% jump from a year ago,” BBC News reports. “The profit guidance beats many analyst forecasts.”

“The success of its Galaxy range of smartphones has seen Samsung become the leading player in the global mobile phone market,” The Beeb reports. “Analysts say the company’s policy of catering to the low and high-end segments of the market has proved particularly effective.”

The Beeb reports, “Samsung has launched top-end products such as the Galaxy S4 in a bid to take on the likes of Apple’s iPhone. It has also introduced low-cost smartphones targeted at customers in emerging markets such as India and China… The firm also launched a smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, last month – beating Microsoft, Apple and Google in the race to bring this type of technology to market.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Crime pays. Temporarily.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Kewo” for the heads up.]

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  1. Profits from the whole group that includes tv”s and washing machines, items apple don’t make or compete with Samsung directly. However in terms if direct competition with apple in items like phones and tablets Samsung is 2nd rate, and when it comes to OS and iTunes, Samsung is a naked beggar begging others to help them, one of the helpers being android

    1. You did not just write this did you? Samsung owns the world mobile phone space. Not a fan of some of their corporate tactics but then many people did not like Apple’s tactics either. The DOJ is dealing with some of this as we speak.
      Apple barely rules the American market roost but that is where it ends. No doubt owning the roost in consumer debt infested America is just fine with Apple as Americans keep on keeping on charging up their credit cards to buy Apple gadgets.

      1. Some one told me an old proverb from East. A killer’s wife is always a widow….may be not today….but when he gets caught! ..Guess we have to wait a little while !!

  2. When you lump it altogether like that crime seems to have been pasting well for some time now and looks like it will be paying for some time to come if the wheels of justice continue to turn as slow as they do.

  3. first, samsung makes EVERYTHING – washers. dryers, tv’s monitors, ovens, microwaves, etc. of course they are going to make a ton of money. funny, apple still generates more revenue and profit from the iPhone.

    and samsung is just a massive corporate thief. they are being sued by dyson for ripping off patented technology for vacuum cleaners. i say duson will win, hoover tried the same stunt against dyson and lost 10 years ago.

  4. Please pay careful attention to the wording in this announcement. They announced a record “operating” profit. That’s before SG&A.

    For those of you that don’t know, SG&A includes sales (advertising) and discount costs (a form of marketing). You can easily raise operating profits by increasing the price of a product only to take the hit in SG&A expenses as you market the product and discount the product.

    THAT is the reason they are focusing on Operating profit.

    This number will dramatically differ on a Net profit basis.

    1. Just as a follow-up – For the quarter that ended in June- Apple’s “they’re doomed” / “slow quarter”, Apple had operating profit of over $9 Billion. So Samsung’s record is about 15% around Apple’s slow quarter.

      1. Thanks for the explanation, in other words Samsung is sexing up the results unethically and fraudulently, they way it did with the CPU/gpu benchmark tests by programming the CPU to boost when certain selected apps are running. Shenanigans

    2. Surely “Operating Profit” is usually net of SG&A in the Western world? Maybe not in Asia/Korea though.

      I know Samsung have huge Sales & Marketing expenses for their consumer electronics products which may be hidden in the total for all Samsung’s operations. I think Horace Dediu of Asymco did an analysis of this area some time ago.

  5. Forgive me for being dense, but why would Samsung announce they EXPECT/FORECAST a particular profit? Why not wait a few days and simply announce their ACTUAL profit?

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