Apple iPhone 5s reviews are universally positive, many crown iPhone 5s the best smartphone

“The long procession of iPhone 5 reviews are marching by as launch day arrives Friday,” Brian R. Fitzgerald reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“There is no getting around it: the reviews are universally positive, with many calling the latest refresh of Apple’s smartphone the best in class,” Fitzgerald reports. “There are nearly as many review roundups as there are reviews.”

Fitzgerald reports, “We broke the reviews into categories about the phone, rather than the more traditional “bottom line” word sorted by the reviewers, so you will see reviewers names show up multiple times.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: The Atlantic Wire offers “Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 5C and 5S Reviews in One Table” here.

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    it doesn’t have a gigantic screen!!!
    Galaxy 4 is better because it has this HUGE screen, it doesn’t fit in my pocket anymore… er.. or anywhere for that fact, but is bigger.. oh, and the battery only last like 2 or 3 hour in use because of the huge illumination it requires now.. but it has a bigger screen, apple needs a bigger screen.. really!!! ohh, I forget to say, galaxy doesn’t have as many apps, as many functions, as many accessories, is not allowed for corporate email in many companies, has malwares… but hey! it has a bigger screen!

    1. Yes but the Galaxy has gestures perfect for leaving your phone on tables any and everywhere for the benefit of passing thieves, just waiting for that moment when you get a call so you can impress your friends by activating it with the flow of your hand (hopefully) before picking it up to actually use it. Now that’s true innovation.

  2. Now comes the well researched and thought out reviews as a posed to the knee jerked pre-written “are new colors the best Apple can do?” articles wrote by “analyst” that all rushed to shout “first!” on their story.

  3. The Atlantic Wire also has numerous links along the right-hand column directing you to other useful iOS7 summaries. Bookmark This Puppy. You’ll be using it regularly for the next week or so.

  4. It ‘is’ now official:



  5. My fiends dislike the iOS7 3 to 1. Women like it, cuz it looks and feels feminine. It’s the same trend u see in the movies: make guys looks like whimps and women look like men. Everyone I know loved the previous iOS’s. That said, Apple will still succeed. This is the first vivid consequence of Forstall getting axed! May have been an ass, but his GUI’s were beautiful and the perfect balance of masculine and feminine! I would not be surprised if iOS8 is done in shades of pink! Until men grow boobs and submit, Hollywood will never be happy!

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