Apple targets the enterprise with powerful iOS 7

“iOS 7 in the enterprise?” Samara Lynn writes for PC Magazine. “Major tech companies are taking the idea very seriously since Apple announced new business capabilities in iOS 7, many of which focus on making iOS gadgets a better fit with companies’ Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategies. Apple is finally serious about making iOS a plausible mobile business option, and Microsoft in particular should take heed.”

A quick run-down of new enterprise features includes:
• Single Sign On (SSO)
• Per App VPN
• Open In Management
• Managed Applications Configuration
• Third-Party App Data Protection

“Other enterprise-oriented features include business licensing management of apps from the App Store, improvements with Mail and integration with Microsoft Exchange server, as well as faster downloads and access to content using Mavericks Caching Server 2 and iOS 7,” Lynn writes. “Big tech companies are absolutely elated over these new, key business features. Expect to see a continued frenzy over iOS 7 in the business community – as well as commentary about Apple’s iOS morphing into Windows Phone 8. The big advantage Windows mobile devices had over iOS was the ability to integrate well into the corporate environment. Now, Apple has upped the ante and delivered key enterprise functionality.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Fingerprint recognition is cool but it doesn’t really change things. It’s the same as entering a password but faster. Even with fingerprint recognition you still have the option to enter a password. A nice advantage is that you could have a very long and secure password and then use your fingerprint for very fast access to the phone.

  1. “as well as commentary about Apple’s iOS morphing into Windows Phone 8. The big advantage Windows mobile devices had over iOS was the ability to integrate well into the corporate environment. Now, Apple has upped the ante and delivered key enterprise functionality.”

    I’m not in the Enterprise sector, but I can’t help but wonder – Really?

    1. The vast majority of servers are Linux based with crazy high end hardware even a Mac Pro can’t touch , think IBM Power chips, or Itanium chips and specialized cribs from Intel. Some rack mount servers go for well over 15,000 each.

      Microsoft only has about 30% of the market.

  2. Why doesn’t Apple go out there and really try to sell it hard to the enterprise? Most companies would. Wall Street’s biggest complaint about Apple is that it has no solid future. Wouldn’t getting a big foothold into the enterprise give Apple that badly needed future?

    I don’t see the point of Apple ignoring a good thing except maybe it doesn’t want to bite off more than it can chew for the time being. Maybe there’s still plenty of time to do that. It’s just that Apple keeps getting screwed over for all sorts of irrational reasons. If Wall Street only prefers companies that have major market share, then Apple will never have as much value as most of its rivals. Microsoft, Cisco and Dell are all happily protected by the enterprise. It’s supposedly the post-PC era and Microsoft is still valued like it was the height of the desktop era. Meaning it’s P/E ratio is still higher than Apple’s without even having very much smartphone or tablet market share.

    Apple could seriously use some enterprise protection to buoy up it’s weak share price and maybe decrease some of its volatility.

    1. Enterprise likes competition and eternal commitment something Apple will never convince them of. Like pouring concrete too to the point of giving them concrete boots I suspect after all it’s pleasing analysts that usually brings down companies even if the books look good well past the point of no return.

    2. No solid future? As I look at Microsoft vs. Apple, I think the “solid future” belongs to the company which is about to place even more iPads in the hands of enterprise customers equipped with FREE iWork apps. Once people realize how easy it is to use, and how the cloud sends it everywhere it needs to go automatically, the rubicon crossing of iOS 7 will be recognized for what it is, a formal declaration of war on Windows.

  3. The iPhone’s limitation in the corporate world is not being able to attach a file (not a photo or video) to a reply email. Sending a PDF, Pages, Numbers or Keynote file requires a new email.

    1. I attach photos and videos just fine.. You go into Photos, then into the video or camera roll, pick it, hit the forward button, choose Mail.. and send your email.

      Sounds like a lot of steps, but it’s very easy.

      1. There are many ways to attach a photo or video to an existing mail (touching the screen for a few seconds bring up the prompt). What you can not do is attach a document to an email. Emailing a document can only be done though the respective app. If I want to send a Pages file I need to go into page and share as email which initiates a brand new email. You gave to add contacts, subject, body, etc. some of whom may not be in your contact list. While I hate my BB you can manage and attach documents with it.

    1. Are you serious? I am a big anti-MS/pro-Apple person, but the ignorance here is bigger than Faux “News”. Most of these powerful mainframes run Solaris, Unix, and other powerful OS’s not meant for us mere mortals. Do some research before running your mouth and making yourself look like an Android settler.

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