Samsung announces ‘Galaxy Gear’ watch accessory for Galaxy Android devices

“Samsung has unveiled a smartwatch with a colour screen that can show alerts, be used for voice calls and run apps,” BBC News reports. “Samsung called it a ‘fashion icon.'”

“However, analysts warned that a decision to limit the watch to working as an accessory to other Galaxy Android devices might limit its appeal… ‘Consumers might be a bit disappointed to find that the smartwatch is a partner device reliant on being paired with a Samsung Android smartphone or tablet, rather than being the completely autonomous device media and communications device many consumers were expecting and hoping for,’ said Chris Green, principal technology analyst at the consultancy Davies Murphy Group,” The Beeb reports. ‘It unveiled the the watch – which will go on sale from 25 September – at the Ifa consumer tech show in Berlin.’ … The Galaxy watch will cost about US$300.”

The Beeb reports, “The Galaxy Gear features a 1.6in (4cm) LED display, a 1.9 megapixel camera, a speaker and microphone, has four gigabytes of internal storage and a non-removable battery. Samsung said the watch could be used as a way to make voice calls without having to take the phone it was linked to out of the owner’s bag or pocket. It comes preloaded with 10 different clock options and there will be about 70 apps available at launch including Evernote’s note-taking software, auction service eBay, the social network Path and several fitness programs.”

Samsung's Galaxy Gear watch accessory
Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch accessory

The Beeb reports, “‘Samsung is also claiming a day’s battery life with fair usage… it’s like going back to a time you had to wind your watch up every night before going to bed,’ said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at tech advisors Gartner. ‘I don’t think consumers want to do that with a watch or a band. They want to have it on without having to worry about charging it every day.'”

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“The big disappointment for Samsung gadget owners is that the Gear does not work with most of its phones and tablets,” Youkyung Lee reports for The Associated Press. “The Gear needs the Galaxy Note III, a smartphone with a giant 5.7-inch screen and a digital pen, and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, a tablet computer. Both will go on sale later this month. At a later date, it will be compatible with the Galaxy S4, released earlier this year, and the Galaxy Note II, which came out late last year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And now Samsung waits with the Sonys of the world to find out how smartwatches are really supposed to be done.

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      1. What are they thinking? Picture a bunch of them sitting around a room during testing and prototyping and going over these limitations… How could they possibly take it to market!? Really pathetic. A useless piece of tech that will go nowhere fast…

    1. I have no idea why these companies forget that asthetics are just as important (sometimes more than) the actual use of the device…

      Apple can take their time building a better watch.

      yes… another UGH-LEE Gear vote…

  1. “‘Samsung is also claiming a day’s battery life with fair usage… it’s like going back to a time you had to wind your watch up every night before going to bed,’ said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at tech advisors Gartner. ‘I don’t think consumers want to do that with a watch or a band. They want to have it on without having to worry about charging it every day.’”

    Early adopters won’t be too put off by this. After all, we are well-accustomed to charging our phones daily. And Apple will be in the same boat – the form factor and size necessarily limits battery life. The surprising thing is that it requires a charging dock. That makes it harder to charge in the car, or at any convenient location. If Apple goes this route, I hope they’ll be smart enough to either a) give it lightning or b) some type of USB Mag-safe-style connection (since it still needs to be waterproof). Then it could charge on your arm while at your computer.

    1. I suppose Samsung’s idea of “fair usage” only covers telling time. Samsung thought that one through well. Who wants a watch that won’t last a day? Stupid. Maybe consumers will start to see Samsung for who they really are – cheap knockoff artists like their cheap knockoff rapper Psy.

    2. And just what do they mean buy “a DAY”?
      You know it’s not 24 hours. Why do they not just say XX hours?
      Because it’s crap.
      On one of the sites that had people at the event, after getting some hands on time, they said that the devices were already refusing to take a picture because there was not enough power.
      THAT”S a day… 😎

  2. A watch is a fashion accessory. Putting functionality aside, the question is will the watch look good on your wrist? From what I can tell from the Samsung watch, the answer for me is a resounding no. It looks clunky like those calculator watches we had in elementary school. This is what happens when Samsung doesn’t have Apple to follow. When their idea of innovation on the phone side is to make the screens bigger, that’s all you need to know about their ability to innovate.

  3. Yup, Samsung needs Apple, or any other company to show them an idea, to lead the way and to properly address the issue of battery like and function. Samsung has some really brain dead engineers!

  4. We will not see an iWatch from Apple until this time next year, at the earliest. These Samsung watches are ugly and limited but at least they’re available now. I keep getting the sinking feeling that Apple has been moving way too slow with new and updated products. Why did we have to wait an entire year for an iPhone upgrade that could easily have been introduced 6 months ago? Does anybody else feel like Apple is moving too slow on almost everything? This Samsung announcement is really nothing but it’s also a mild wakeup call saying one day these companies might actually pull a product off worth considering and Apple’s promises of things to come and asking us to “just wait” won’t cut it any longer. My product patience is wearing thin. I hope we don’t look back on this past year as the year Apple lost its fire. The specs being touted here on MDN and other sites for the upgraded iPhone 5 are nice but they’re not so compelling that you can say “they’ve still got it”. I don’t know. It all just feels like they’ve hit a plateau since Steve died.

    1. For now, phones are bought on a two year contract. Why would you update your phone every 6 months. Talk about upsetting your customers. Imagine watching your phone go through 3 complete update cycles before you are eligible to upgrade. Once a year seems about right. Besides, Most every Apple product I can think of has been on an annual update cycle for many years.

    2. I’ll give you this much: if Apple doesn’t release their wrist device this year, it does indeed raise the possibility that they will perform an iPod-style revolution next year. Recall that when the iPod came out, there were several years of mp3 players already on the market, and Apple showed how to do it right. Same with smartphones and tablets.

      Apple’s magic is in leap-frogging everyone else’s fail and creating the market-defining icon. As all of these also-rans break the ice without catching the imagination, it leaves Apple an opportunity to shine again.

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