“After reports of Apple’s trademarking of the term ‘iWatch’ in a number of countries, it has been discovered that the name has already been trademarked for some time in the US, the UK and, in what could be a troubling development, China,” Electronista reports.

“In fact, China has previously trademarked both the term ‘iWatch’ and ‘iWatching,’ reports Chinese news journal Sina Tech,” Electronista reports. “In the US, a company that was trying to raise funds to manufacture a smartwatch (but was unsuccessful) already trademarked the name, while the UK trademark is used for a monitoring smartphone app.”

Electronista reports, “Apple is doubtless aware of the other trademarks, and would probably find it fairly easy to negotiate deals with the US and UK trademark holders — but the Chinese system is, as the iPad maker has already discovered, a different kettle of fish.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Perhaps these “iWatch” trademarks are not for wearable computing devices worn on the wrist, but for some future device upon which you “watch” TV shows and movies (think: iTV).