Is Apple’s magic wand ‘the simplest interface’ that Steve Jobs envisioned for iTV?

“As Tim Cook & Co. continue ‘pulling the string’ on the TV space, readers with a keen interest in Apple’s many patent applications are aware of a 2009 filing involving a wand remote of sorts that may include a motion detection component meant for the television interface,” Christian Zibreg writes for iDownloadBlog.

“Last June, the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) granted that patent,” Zibreg writes. “And just last month, another major wand-related patent surfaced in USPTO’s database that could be the magic required to make the TV experience ‘just work.'”

Zibreg writes, “Vested interests are holding back Apple’s plans so the magic wand based on fingerprint authentication may be Apple’s secret weapon against the content industries.”

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      1. As much as I dislike Samsung, their screens are excellent and that fact is inescapable. I was under the assumption that Apple is a purchaser. To be fair, Samsung’s smart TV does look pretty good and has some pretty cool features, like hand swiping to change channel.
        Below is what I think Apple need if the iTV comes to fruition.

        4K Resolution support
        App Store – Apps and Games
        iTunes – Music/Movies/TV
        Full Siri Integration
        iPod/iPhone/iPad can be used as remotes and game controllers
        Third Party Game controllers is a big hint!
        A HDMI in for set top boxes (as an option)
        AND TV optimised version of Safari.

        any more ideas?

  1. Being the visionary that Steve was, he foresaw the affects that new legislation would have on the economy and our newest ‘brothers’.

    Magic wand is a misnomer. All working Americans will soon have a Mahjong Juan to do the menial labor that no proud American should have to do, like change a channel, run in place during a game, or adjust the audio settings when switching from music listening to movie watching.

    Finally I can have someone keep my Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Foursquare and Tumbler accounts up to date for not too many pay-SOS….

    America-Let’s Think Different (from Common Sense)

      1. Well, at least you chose a proper handle.
        Too bad in your ignorance you chose to throw in the wild ‘race’ card that can be used for any occasion of bluffing, so let me explain-

        The Mexicans are the new, ultimate ‘Game Boys’ carried around in politicians pockets to be pulled out and played for the game of persuasion. Right now to gain white votes, and hopefully to get Brown ones in the future, which is a gamble, because one Party assumes the Black vote is their’s regardless of how new laws will hurt them (not that it has ever stopped them before….) while the other party is so naive and desperate that it has chosen to ignore history AND reality by trying to get a foot in the the ‘future voting block’ door, which of course will get slammed just like it did in 1957, when Republicans were refused by Democrats much of the Civil Rights Act Eisenhower asked for

        The Republicans were again outplayed in 1964, even though they voted for the act in higher percents than the Democrats, which led to the Black vote being owned by the Democrats (and please don’t show more ignorance by saying that Southern Democrats jumped ship and became Republicans before you do your work and learn most Southern states stayed in control of Democrats for 20 to 30 more years, even though they supported Republican Presidents).

        So, while our elected officials look beyond what is the right thing to do for our country and our neighbors south of the border, choosing instead to play the pawns in the more important game of political check, we will all find out that, as usual, their checks are backed by bullshit.

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