Apple warns users that complimentary 20GB iCloud upgrade ends September 30th

“Apple is sending out warning letters to iCloud customers that received a complimentary 20GB storage upgrade that the offer expires on September 30th,” Bryan Chaffin reports for The Mac Observer.

“On October 1st, those users will be bucked down to the 5GB of storage that normally comes with iCloud,” Chaffin reports. “The offer was originally extended to MobileMe paying subscribers who moved their accounts to iCloud between October 12th, 2011 and August 1st, 2012.”

Chaffin reports, “While iCloud nominally comes with 5GB of free storage, MobileMe customers were automatically upgraded to 25GB total storage… Apple currently charges US$40 per year for an additional 20GB or $50 per year for an additional 50GB of storage.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: To check your current iCloud Storage levels:

On Mac: System Preferences/iCloud (the total is shown at the bottom of the dialog box with a green status bar)
On iOS: Settings/iCloud/Storage & Backup

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. … read the mail they sent you.
    “When it expires, your iCloud storage will be automatically adjusted to the free 5 GB plan. You are currently using 906.56 MB of storage.”
    It would appear that my documents are safe, for now.

  2. As an original .mac user I will not be paying any more money for additional iCloud storage. I do pay for and use Google Drive, Dropbox and FileShare, All have a value across multiply platforms including Mac and iOS. iCloud has not shown me any value for the money spent.

    1. The blurb from Owncloud says “Your data on your servers, under your control.”. Three Terabyte drives are hovering at about a hundred dollars. That isn’t “free”. Plus a “server” (a computer) to hang the drive off. Also not “free”.
      More important: Off Site Storage! My home can fall, burning, into the crack the earthquake left, my data on cloud storage would still be on Apple’s drives. Assuming the quake was localized, that is. Yours? Maybe not so much. Decent “secure storage” really ought to be in another town, county, and STATE from your “home computer”.

      1. I had the 3TB drive laying around. And yes, here in So. Cal I guess my home could end up in a hole from an earthquake, but I guess I wouldn’t be concerned if my data was still around if that happened. What is really ‘secure’ about trust your data on somebody else’s server?

  3. For some reason, I never received the 20GB bonus.

    I do believe that Apple ought to boost its free storage allocation and reduce the prices of the storage upgrades. It is in Apple’s best interest to top mote iCloud use.

      1. I think they just want to provide cloud service for free just for iCloud backups game saves and a few other smallish things like that. They are pricing it in a way to say, “oh, you actually want MORE storage? Um, sure, we’ll let you give us money!”

    1. … disappointments, as well. The features of iCloud work fine and they offer some nice value – especially for $0 per year – but I stored a couple of modest iWeb-built web sites out there. Now there’s no iWeb and no web hosting . Oh, iWeb still works, still creates pretty little sites with a bare minimum of effort, but then where do I store the result?
      Yes … I’d pay for the 20GB upgrade if it included web hosting and file sharing.

  4. Will not be bothering with iCloud now I’ve been dropped back to 5Gb – shame after having .mac, .me accounts since 2003 – thanks Apple – one disgruntled long term Mac fan

  5. Mine was up to 7.5Gb and only 2.5Gb was Mail, the rest was “iPad.” I haven’t explored it enough to see just what iPad data has been saved but will probably delete it as I save backups locally anyway. Seems to me up to 10GB or higher should be free. Was a MobileMe guy for years paying $99 but like everyone I have now grow weary of the insidious fees everyone is trying to foist on the consumer. They all add up.

  6. As a file storage on the cloud, iCloud has been pretty much useless to me, other than keeping my iWork documents synchronised across all of my iOS devices and Mac, which is what I primarily use iCloud for. However, as an independent store of documents on the cloud, besides iWork documents, iCloud has been pretty much useless as it cannot serve as a true file server due to its inability to accept non iWork files.

    Six years after the introduction of the iPhone, Apple still refuses to make iOS devices more usable by opening up the file system to store files and whatnot. At least if users cannot store files on the device itself, then let iCloud be a facsimile of Dropbox but no, Apple does nothing to recognise that file manipulation is a user driven need.

    1. Agreed. I have no computer and no way to offload the photos quickly clogging up my 16GB iPhone 5. Apple doesn’t even let us offload to a thumb drive.

      Meanwhile, I miss my HomePages, iCards, and my iDisk. Now, especially my iDisk.

  7. My cloudy mail says:

    > You are currently using 718.61 MB of storage

    while my iCloud preferences panel indicates 10GB in use. Something is seriously off here….

    Also the $50 mentioned for the 50GB upgrade doesn’t fit, in NL I have to pay €80/y.

    1. Likewise, I have about 1GB of data on my iPhone, but iCloud backup amounts to over 5GB. Is my use of an older non-iCloud (non-dotMac, non-MobileMe) AppleID for app purchases the (screwy) reason the backup of those items is now counting against my iCloud storage quota?

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