1. Can’t believe an Apple site uses that OnSwipe bullshit. CultofMac ought to be AshamedofThemselves. I closed the tab soon as it loaded. OnSwipe is one of the worst things that ever happened to mankind.

  2. List of upcoming or recently released Apple products:

    – New MacBook Air with Haswell processors – no external change identified.
    – Purported new iPad 5 – no external change identified.
    – Purported new iPad mini 2 – no external change identified.
    – Purported new iPhone 5S – no external change identified.
    – Purported new Retina MacBook Pro with Haswell processors – no external change identified.

    Jonny Ive might as well take an extended vacation into 2015.

    1. Nope. He was overworked on those throwback five-minute flat designs for iOS7. Now we have a rumored flat Apple logo design, wouldn’t surprise me if it was true.

      1. …not from the styling department it wasn’t. Cylinders are about the cheapest and easiest shell to manufacture, and conveniently acts as a smokestack above the single cooling fan.

        The new 2013 (or will it be 2014?) Mac Pro design was clearly driven by cost engineers and not some “design genius”.

  3. They look like stickers for masking the logo cut out during production. They’re a different colour to the background.

    I gave up reading cult of mac when the started to try and flog Mac Keeper on their website.

  4. it has a new Apple logo on its back

    No, it has a faked Apple knockoff logo on the back in an attempt to avoid the ire of Apple’s lawyers. And it’s damned ugly too.

    IOW: This back plate may be real, but it is NOT APPLE’S.

    1. AHA! The comments under the article point to the ugly ‘logo’ simply being a cutout inside the device to allow light to pass from inside to the outside. IOW: A backlit Apple logo.

      And I believe that’s NOT the situation either. We’re talking about a device that strives for MAXIMUM battery life. Bothering to light the back plate Apple logo is NOT going to contribute to battery efficiency. Therefore I STILL believe this is a FAKE.

  5. What we see here is not a new logo.
    Apple has chosen to cut through the aluminium instead of de-bossing and painting the aluminium with a black logo.
    Now its a plastic insert. By-which, on the reverse (the inside) we see this single chunk of plastic which looks ugly and odd… yet it holds the leaf and the bitten apple; together as one.
    On the side intended to be viewed, we will see a proper logo, housed nicely in the cut out. The Apple logo, as we all are accustomed of seeing. No worries.

    Derek is correct.

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